billy graham ad full.5

billy graham ad full.5

Question for the New York Times: If Gays Are Offended, Do Christians Have Rights?
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Hugh Grant’s “The Re-Write” Delves into Love, Failure, and Family
How Political Correctness Improved My Life
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  • http://BillyGrahamAdFull Kay

    Reverend Graham’s ad is so positive and I hope the American public heeds his advice!

  • Pat Craft

    It is about time people of God took a stand to support the sanctity of life after living a nation that has killed 60 million unborn babies since the passage of Rowe vs. Wade. If allowed to be born those babies could have grown into adults, be working, and paying into the social security system and creating more jobs for more people. Time to wake up and save the babies. The sanctity of life is a litmus test for all political candidates. We can tell how they will vote on other issues if they want to kill unborn babies.

  • Sue

    I agree with you Pat. I could not of said it any better. Thank you! Sue

  • Dale

    For those critical of Christians voting for Mormon or won’t vote for a Mormon because they are Christian consider the folloing. As a Christian I am voting for Romney because of the values he reresents. My vote for his values is not a vote for the doctrine of his Church, which I strongley disagree with. Aborton is not a Christian value, forcing others to pay the abortion or contraception is not Crisitan value.
    Say what we 1ant about Mormons value wise Any Romney will be the 1st first lady to support pro life sine the roe vs. Wade decision