Romney Received Larger Slice of Evangelical Votes than Any Other Previous GOP Candidate!

Romney Received Larger Slice of Evangelical Votes than Any Other Previous GOP Candidate! November 8, 2012

Dear friends, I know we’re all sad, but I wanted to pass along this amazing piece of information from Christianity Today:

Romney received a larger slice of the evangelical vote than any previous Republican presidential candidate. At nearly 80 percent, evangelical support for Romney was as strong—and perhaps even stronger—than the support Romney received from Mormons.

In other words, we’re not sitting here wringing our hands because our own people didn’t show up.  Everyone did their part, and “faith voters” are more united than we’ve ever been.  Who would’ve thought that we all could’ve united behind a Mormon candidate at historic levels?

Well, okay.  We did.  However, we believed this unity would help us get Gov. Romney in office.  It wasn’t the case:

But in most results from last night’s elections: where evangelicals were largely unified, they also lost.

What to do from here?  Well, I’m still waiting for David to weigh in, but I did want to pass along this nugget of information, in case you need this as you and your coworkers and friends are discussing what went wrong in this election.  It had nothing to do with Gov. Romney’s Mormonism.

(Hat tip Chandler Epp)

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