Obama’s Tears Were Real – Here’s Why They Matter

Obama’s Tears Were Real – Here’s Why They Matter January 7, 2016

The internet exploded when President Obama, when speaking of ways to reduce gun violence, began to cry.  Yes, real tears ran down his face — and stayed there for several minutes as people watched, aghast.

Some on the right laughed, saying they were crocodile tears meant to elicit sympathy and to emotionally manipulate.  Others even said he used some sort of substance to create the tears on cue.  But David French, at National Review, is not buying it:

One of the most difficult aspects of any presidency is meeting with families who’ve suffered traumatic loss. Countless times, presidents meet the families of those who died in combat, in natural disasters, and in mass shootings, and those meetings can be intensely emotional. If, in his heart of hearts, Obama blames guns for these horrific losses, it’s easy to see why the announcement of new gun-control measures would make him cry.

He goes on to write that his proposals are ineffective, and new federal restrictions are not likely.

But tears lay down a marker. For the Left, the war on guns really, truly matters. And that means turning the full resources of popular culture against guns and — critically — gun owners. I wrote last month that the Left will attempt to shame America into political change, to use the same tactics — and the same depth of emotion — that transformed American culture on issues such as gay marriage and transgender rights.

If you are a gun owner and have tried to purchase ammo after one of Obama’s anti-gun speeches, you know that his rhetoric usually has the opposite effect than he intends. His presidency has done so much to stimulate gun sales, the NRA should send him a fruit basket. “But the Left’s strategy is clear,” David writes.  “They aim to make guns seem inherently dangerous while shaming gun-owners as something far worse than ‘uncool.'”

In other words, we can’t ignore the depth of emotion the liberals have about gun control.  We have to have the same depth, better rhetoric, and more determination.

Thankfully, we already have the Constitution on our side.

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