That One Time President Obama Lectured Us on Patriotism

That One Time President Obama Lectured Us on Patriotism September 19, 2015

Before CNN’s Republican Presidential Primary debate, President Obama gave the candidates a lecture of sorts. It seems even the most progressive president in history isn’t satisfied with the extremely liberal media dishing out all of the attacks anymore.  David French at National Review explains:

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Except when it’s not. The president — fresh from giving our jihadist enemy a massive economic and military stimulus — lectures the candidates: “In the echo chamber that is presidential politics, everything is dark and everything is terrible,” he said. “They don’t seem to offer many solutions to the disasters they perceive, but they’re quick to tell you who to blame. There’s nothing particularly patriotic or American about talking down America, especially when we stand as one of the few sources of economic strength in the world.”

The only problem? President Obama wouldn’t be in office today had he not traveled America for years trashing our country. His wife stated that she had never been proud to be an American until her husband’s successful campaign for the White House. President Obama himself said that his goal was to transform our nation. He even goes as far to criticize some Republicans today for saying the same things he said before becoming President.

Isn’t that rich?  All of this from the most unpatriotic President in our nation’s history, whose own party has, as Sen. Ted Cruz likes to say on the stump, a crazy haired, wild-eyed socialist running for President… and Bernie Sanders!

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  • Paul S.

    generations of Americans will look back and wonder who were those
    idiots who didn’t recognize Obama as one of the finest presidents we

  • butterflybarney

    Paul S. Future Americans will look back and wonder who were those idiots who didn’t recognize Obama as THE president who initiated the rule that we must all speak Farsi

  • It depends who writes the history books I expect . The Pope is facing a visit where our president has invited every kind of mocker of religious principles and traditions in the spectrum . His motive in this is hard to fathom , It looks contemptuous . Even hateful . .

    Transgender activists , gay activists , same sex couples , abortion activists . . I notice there was a lack of this kind of diversity when negotiating with Iran . I have not seen him shoving this agenda upon Muslim leaders . It will be interesting to see how many Islamic leaders will be on the guest list . I suspect our president has more respect and reverence for Islam , its leaders and their sensitivities .

    The Vatican was not aware of any of this in advance . I am sure it would be considered in bad taste for any other President or world leader to initiate such a deviant surprise on a Pope . I think a lot of Obama’s legacy depends on how much society embraces these various fringe spectacularly anti-Christian factions and how well this blatantly protrusive blasphemy sells to the Pope , the American people and the world .

  • vortem

    So true. He loves this country enough to recognize it can be so much better and has worked to make it so.

  • scottrose

    Obummer’s religion is Globaloney. He’s a typical one-world nutjob. The millions of fools who voted him in, twice, ought to have their voting rights removed permanently.

  • scottrose

    Good one!
    I like satire.

  • Michael

    You know you lost any valid argument when you agree with a extremest like Go back to the 18 century. Us modern day people are tired of our bullshit.

  • You mean that the future of America is people with their heads up their ass …???

  • wolfie

    Oh hows that Paul? By dividing us? By insulting traditional patriotism, and whats in the best interests of middle class families? Exactly what makes this asshole so fine?