Tearful Eyes, Empty Hearts, Just Lost

Nancy French, husband David, daughter Camille (13) and son Austin (11) react to the election results displayed on a television during Mitt Romney’s campaign election night event at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

We took our family to Boston for what we hoped would be a victory celebration.  It’s not.  While we wait for Gov. Romney to give his concession speech, some reporters have documented our distress for posterity.  Above is our whole family (with Camille in the background)  minus Naomi who is happily sleeping back home in Tennessee.


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About Nancy French

Nancy French is a three time New York Times Best Selling Author.

  • Kathy

    The election and having Mitt Romney as our next president is not the only thing we lost last night. Lord, have mercy on us, turn our hearts to You and give us courage as we walk in this hostile land.

  • Deena

    I’m so sorry. Thank you for all your efforts over the years. You have no idea how much you are appreciated.

  • Valerie

    Nancy, I was reduced to tears last night. I am appalled by the illogical, narcissistic mentality of so many Americans. It is shocking to know what we do about the incumbent and still think it’s a good idea to keep him in office. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I fear we are a country rampant with insanity. What’s even more worrisome… people don’t seem to care….

  • Dale

    David and Nancy,
    I have been a follower for some time (I even bought your book, Home and Away – an enjoyable read I might add). Although I don’t think I’ve ever commented, I have appreciated your work for the Romney campaign, but perhaps more importantly, in bringing together people of differing backgrounds and theological stripes. While we did not win, we did something else; we learned. We learned that what we share, may be more important than what separates us. These shared values are a common bond, and hopefully one day we will again be able to find a candidate for president who shares those values.

    Thank you,
    Dale Sandberg

  • Layne

    Well said Dale.

  • Karen Goodall

    David and Nancy, I am so sorry; I truly share your disappointment. You have both worked so hard, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your hard work toward Mitt Romney’s campaign.

  • http://talkorigins.org jatheist

    I think the takeaway from this loss should be that the U.S.A. is changing and the new is going to continue to replace the old.
    Looking at the exit polls it couldn’t be more clear – young people overwhelmingly support SSM and progressive policy, while the older demographic supported Mitt and an America stuck in a past century. As the old get older and the young become more engaged I think it’s clear what direction this country is headed in – and there isn’t a single thing anyone can do to stop it.

    Don’t be on the wrong side of history – embrace the new America!

  • http://talkorigins.org jatheist

    Exit polls examined here:


    Notice, specifically, how the different ages voted… and notice how that bodes for the future! :)

  • http://patheos.com Robyn Wallwork

    Seriously, I have never been drunk in my life, but this morning I feel like I have a hang over from the election. I must admit that I have been drunk for several months on Hope and Optimism for our country that a Mitt Romney Presidency would bring. Now I have awoken to the terrible realization that the problems that existed with the Obama failed leadership, prior to my drunkenness, did not go away. I have a HUGE headache!

    I am thankful for all of the hard work you have done to help propel Mitt’s message. I am so devastated that it fell on so many deaf ears. I honestly don’t understand it. We had such an opportunity to, once again ,experience real Hope and Change under a leader who has demonstrated in his ENTIRE life that he is Good! I’m sorry for our nation, our children and grandchildren.

    I need some Extra Strength Excedrin!

  • tess wade

    Well said, Dale. I share your sentiments and have appreciated all that I’ve learned from following these posts.

  • http://PatrioticMoms.com Marie

    Words are inadequate to express our gratitude to you for your wonderful work! Many hearts were changed and relationships built that will be important in the years ahead.

  • Dee

    So in the end, everything – including an important moment in US political history – is about your shameless self-promotion. Are you and David planning to audition for a reality TV program, because you have the right mind-set for such a venture.

  • Deena

    Does it make you happy to go and gloat on conservative sites? Did your mother teach you that rubbing it in was good manners? Newsflash – it’s rude and inconsiderate. Go back to Dailykos. You have no idea the damage you and your buddies are doing to America. If we keep going in your celebrated direction this country will wind up on the ash heap of history. And nobody in the entire world will enjoy the consequences of that.

  • Marcion

    Looks like Willard lost. Does this mean God has forsaken the Republican Party?

    Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani!

  • Dan

    David and Nancy, in the 2008 election cycle, I was looking for a candidate that would bear the mantle of conservatism at the top of the ticket as one of my favorite presidents, President George W.Bush, finished his second term. I looked at Romney, but was unsure how to reconcile his faith with my faith and beliefs in Jesus Christ as the only Way, Truth and the Life. His business credentials were not in question, but the issue of faith and beliefs was what I was unsure about. I stumbled across this site when searching for other evangelicals who were wrestling with this issue, and soon understood clearly that while we may disagree on theology, really it is values that we can and do share with others, and boarded the ride through the 2008 election cycle and now this one. There have been frustrating times, but I sensed that when it came down to it, fellow evangelicals and conservatives would get on board with Mitt, and they did. I believe you had a significant part in this. Thank you so much for all you have done to encourage fellow EFMers and to bring more into the fold. I haven’t fully digested what re-election of Obama does and will mean for America, but I know that true change of hearts and minds in America will ultimately only come from God bringing revival to our land, not through politics.

  • Jesus Morales

    You all did a great job so take heart and continue to fight. It’s clear that there is a lot of work to do on the cultural and political level, but you both are a source of comfort and strength. I love reading your posts for their humor and intelligence, I find your commentary invaluable. It’s incredibly disappointing to have lost but we should never give up. Thanks for all you do and I look forward to continuing to follow your writings.

  • http://talkorigins.org jatheist

    Deena asked: “Does it make you happy to go and gloat on conservative sites?”

    Actually – I tried my hardest ~not~ to gloat… I was trying to respectfully gauge how GOPers saw the loss.

    Deena cont’d: “You have no idea the damage you and your buddies are doing to America.”

    Oh? Then by all means, please enlighten me. Just exactly what “damage” are my buddies doing to America?

  • American at Heart

    IMPLOSION (My heart aches for our Great Nation)
    An implosion is a deliberate act to destroy, decimate and condemn an unwanted “property”. It is thought about carefully, planned meticulously, and is carefully organized. The head of construction has an idea, and he has a team that conspires with him. They plan every detail. First searching for every weakness they can, and this is where they place their tools to take down the structure. Instead of seeking out what good is left in the structure, they are sickened by the beautiful and still solid foundation that is there… they want to replace what they see as old fashioned with something bigger, brighter and more modern.
    Although there are many in the crowd that love the sense of “home” and nostalgia that this foundation brings, the head of construction ignores the pleas of the crowd as he puts into motion his plan to completely destroy the structure. He forges ahead with fervent intent. He orders his staff to immediately find every weak spot, and this is where he orders that they begin to chip away at the foundation knowing all too well, that once he weakens the foundation, his job will be so simple.
    At his order, the structure will fall and become unrecognizable and a distant memory.

  • SEaston

    Dear French family and EFM;

    I have appreciated and learned from this site. I’m so sorry MR won’t be our next president, and I’m fearful of what BO has yet in store in his presidency. Maybe we need to pray for BO and a change of heart that leads him to embrace this great country and its foundational values. These values are what allow those of us of different faiths to come and work together. Your family and website have helped unify us. Thank you!

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  • Deena

    On the off chance you really don’t get it, and asked sincerely, here’s a nutshell version of just a few items:

    We’re expanding national debt far more quickly than national income. Businesses cannot afford the rapidly growing regulations. Existing businesses are going out of business, and new ones can’t afford to start. Democrats only solution to our debt problem is to raise taxes, when you could take 100% of every income over $250K, and still not pay for current spending. And the vast majority of small business owners (who produce more than 50% of new jobs) are in that income bracket. Raise their taxes and you get fewer jobs.

    Entitlements are growing and are already unsustainable. Single parenthood is on the rise, with out of wedlock births now in the majority for younger women. Too many children are being raised in unstable, fatherless homes, with the resulting delinquency, crime, poor educational outcomes which will only perpetuate themselves and create bigger disasters in the lives of the next generation. The majority of those same children also are stuck in poor schools, whose unions keep them trapped there instead of allowing school choice. I speak here of overall statistics, not the particular single mom you know who happens to be doing a great job. Whatever you think of the moral issues involved, the societal cost in dollars is staggering. All of these are issues the Republicans seek to fix or reduce, and the Democrats see as no big deal or something to celebrate.

  • Truth

    I’m loving this.