Most Moving Commercial Ever?

Better even than the Guinness commercial Nancy posted earlier this week:

After Twelve Years, We Still Don’t Understand Our Enemy

In late May 2008, when I was home on mid-tour leave from Iraq, I distinctly remember a conversation with dear friends about the things I had seen in the first half of my deployment. [Read more...]

Why Doing Nothing in Syria Is Better than a Minimal Attack

While I sympathize with Rich Lowry’s position reluctantly favoring a strike in Syria — and fully recognize that there are no good options, just a choice between bad and worse — I must disagree. [Read more...]

Should You “Support the Troops” if You Don’t “Support the War?”

Over at Salon, yet another leftist professor has written one of those semi-regular screeds against the (to him) omnipresent cultural demand that we “support the troops.” [Read more...]

You Know What’s Racist? Calling Twerking ‘Black’


So, on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, we’re reduced to this: calling Miley Cyrus’s predictable, boring, and pathetic VMA dance routine “racist.” [Read more...]