Sons of Anarchy Say, “Get Your Boots On”



According to Entertainment Weekly, the Sons of Anarchy cast is encouraging people to wear boots — with suits, mini-skirts, and skinny jeans: [Read more...]

TRAILER: New Mini-Series A.D. Covers First 10 Chapters of Acts

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 9.49.32 PM

For those of you who loved The Bible miniseries, did you know that executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have a new series premiering Easter Sunday 2015 on NBC called A.D.? [Read more...]

VeggieTales “In the House” Debuts on Netflix Today

VeggieTales In the House

If you’re like me, you showed your kids the great VeggieTales films on VHS.  (“Where is God When I’m S-s-s-scared” was one of our favorites!) How annoying was it to have to wait for that tape to rewind?  But times have changed, and so have our little vegetable friends! [Read more...]

How to Live in a World in Which Bill Cosby Might be Serial Rapist


I fondly remember playing with my Rubik’s cube in front of my television set and laughing as Cliff and Claire Huxtable dealt lovingly with their kids.  [Read more...]

Jon Stewart Slams “Politically Craven” Nancy Pelosi – Tells Her to “Go”

Stewart Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is (supposedly) a champion of voting rights and equal opportunity for women. But she just missed a big opportunity to prove she believes her own rhetoric. [Read more...]