Do You Think Your Kids Should Read “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Wal-Mart Does.


As the parent of teens, it’s hard to stay on top of all of their viewing and reading choices.  It’s even harder when stores categorize “mommy porn” in the young readers section. [Read more...]

Top Ten Posts of 2014


Since this is a joint blog, I thought it would be interesting to see whether David or I had the most highly read articles of 2014.

Want to see the results?

I was surprised to see how not all of these were even written in 2014, but they were circulated in some circles enough to land them on the list:

10.  Six Reasons Why Mormons Are Beating Baptists in Church GrowthDavid

9.  Living Without Sex: How Christian Singleness Doesn’t Mean Ignoring the Hunger for Sex - Nancy

8.  I’m a White Republican Raising a Black Child – Deal with ItNancy

7.  What This White Mom Did to Her Black Daughter’s Hair: Bantu KnotsNancy

6.  The Wheels Are Coming Off the Sexual RevolutionDavid

5.  How to Live in a World in Which Bill Cosby Might be a Serial RapistNancy

4.  A White Mom’s Plea to Others Giving Advice about her Black Daughter’s Hair - Nancy

3.   Yes, There Is Evidence God ExistsDavid

2.  How My Daughter Sabotaged a Books-a-Million “Fifty Shades of Grey” Display - Nancy

So that’s six for me and three for David.  But, the most highly read post from 2014 was…

1. Three Reasons Why The Giver is the Best Christian Film Since NarniaDavid

So, I guess we have to call it even-ish.

Thanks for reading in 2014, and we look forward to an even bigger 2015.  Thanks to you!

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The Top Reason to be a “Santa Truther” This Year


“I better be good this month,” my seven year old daughter said to me on the way to the grocery store. [Read more...]

“F Words” for Feminism: Liberals Make Children Curse, Talk about Rape



This is classy. [Read more...]

Get Free Books, Get Published: Accepting Applications for Patheos Book Reviewers


Open books

Friends,  many of you know that I work with Patheos, the largest religious website in America.  Though it has Evangelical, Mormon, Catholic, Atheist, Muslim, Pagan, and other kinds of channels, I’m the channel manager of the Faith and Family Channel and (very recently) the Entertainment Channel.

Newsweek said that Patheos was an excellent way to “get smarter.” [Read more...]