You may not like Google, but check out how they are helping to fight ISIS

We have all seen images depicting the horrors of ISIS. They conduct mass beheadings, engage in sex trafficking and slavery, and are always looking to find ever-more-grotesque ways to kill anyone who refuses to bow before them. [Read more…]

A gay man ran into Kim Davis in an airplane – here’s what happened


Selfie by Ben Mann

Frequently, people just aren’t as bad as the media makes them out to be. [Read more…]

Faith in politics: loved when reinforcing liberalism, hated when promoting conservative causes

Liberals love to hate many of the GOP candidates.  Salon described Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as  “anti-intellectual wingnuts,” for example.  But when John Kasich won second place winner in the New Hampshire primary, the Huffington Post declared “compassionate conservatism roars back.”  The New York Times endorsed him, saying he’s “the only plausible choice for Republicans tired of the extremism” of the GOP and that he’s “capable of compromise and believes in the ability of government to improve lives.”  [Read more…]

7 deadly deceptions from Obama’s mosque speech

Dennis Prager, on National Review, had a fascinating piece that talked about what the President actually said at the mosque, compared to the press reports of what he purportedly said.  Here are seven deceptions that came from the President’s mouth. [Read more…]

Photo of a woman at a campaign stop sums up how most of us feel about this election season

I love the expression on this woman’s face.  She was just trying to eat some scrambled eggs and toast, when the chaos of the 2016 Presidential campaign surrounded her. [Read more…]