Nabisco, spreading liberal propaganda on your Honey Maid graham crackers

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Just about any topping tastes good on top of a graham cracker… except for liberal propaganda. [Read more…]

Obama: Not renting to criminals is racist, because black people are probably criminals

Oh the irony.

[Read more…]

Black activists cried “racism” over this Gap ad, but then they saw LAST YEAR’s ad…


Continuing the theme of “everything is racist” in modern American culture, a new GapKids clothing ad, meant for empowering young girls to follow their dreams, has been attacked as racist. [Read more…]

Univ of Tennessee students penalized if they acknowledge God in “origins of life” class

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One of my fellow Tennesseans sent me this Facebook status update from a student at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  The student was sitting in one of his classes that dealt with the origins of life when he managed to snap a photo of the overhead projector. [Read more…]

Students asked if they were “genderqueer,” “cisgendered” or “transgendered” for one ridiculous reason

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Reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic…  oh, and and sexuality. [Read more…]