MUST WATCH: 20 years of Hillary Clinton lying condensed to 13 minutes

The YouTube page for Michael Armstrong has done the impossible: taken the lies told by  Hillary Clinton over the last 20 years and condensed them down to 13 watchable minutes of must-see TV. [Read more…]

Why President Obama’s Transgender Proclamation Is Far Broader and More Dangerous than You Think

The Department of Justice announced a radical new policy regarding transgendered students access to the bathroom of their choice in public schools.  The gist?  Bow down to the Obama Administration’s radical views on transgendered children and allow them access to whatever bathroom they want, or loose all of your federal funding.

And while this is shocking and outrageous, the implications of the DOJ policy are more far-reaching and dangerous than we could have ever imagined.

My husband, David French, explains:

First, the very act of teaching biology and human physiology will be hate speech unless it’s modified to conform to the new transgender “facts.” Teachers will have to take great pains to note that chromosomes, reproductive organs, hormonal systems, and any other physical marker of sex is irrelevant to this thing called “gender,” which, “factually,” is a mere state of mind.

Second, any statements of dissent — from teachers or students — will be treated as both “anti-science” and “discriminatory,” contributing to a “hostile environment” that schools are legally bound to prohibit. This prohibition will go well beyond the use of pronouns and into discussions of what it means to be male and female. The argument that a “girl” with a penis remains a boy will be treated exactly the same as an argument that blacks are inferior to whites or Arabs inferior to Jews.

Third, public schools will now be even further opposed, doctrinally and legally, to orthodox Christianity. Christian parents who send their children to public schools need to be aware of the new “facts.” They will be taught not only that their churches are factually wrong in their assessments of sex and gender but that they are actually bigoted and hateful — comparable to white supremacists.

Fourth, the administration’s actions set a key political precedent. Federal funding — long seen as a boon to local schools — is now clearly and unmistakably an instrument of national control. The federal education bureaucracy is stocked with energetic and creative progressives, and last week’s letter represents just one more step in an ongoing effort to turn money into mandates.

Finally, because the administration’s edict is tied to funding, not even civil disobedience can block its enforcement. In other words, state officials can “defy” the edict all they want, but unless a court rules in their favor, the administration need merely stop a bank transfer to enforce its “guidance.” This would place citizens of dissenting states in the unenviable position of either complying — and sacrificing their kids’ liberty and safety — or defying and seeing cash-strapped schools lose millions of dollars in public support, all while they continue to pay taxes to fund progressive jurisdictions.

To read the rest of David’s article, visit his column at National Review.

As concerned parents and citizens it is imperative that we understand the full weight of the DOJ’s mandate and what it means for our children and the future of education in our country.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again.  We will be made to care.

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Susan Rice: having too many whites on the National Security team puts America at risk

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UPDATE: NBC caught editing Andrea Mitchell when she said rape charge against Bill Clinton was ‘discredited’


Weeks ago, I told you about how Andrea Mitchell dismissed Juanita Broaddrick’s claims of rape against Bill Clinton as “discredited.”  Well, apparently NBC has seen the light, because they secretly edited out that pesky, inaccurate, victim-blaming word.  Look at the difference in the below video, where you can see the original (which is still available below) compared with the new version:

While it is really sneaky to edit that word out now, it’s a step in the right direction that NBC has apparently decided that Broaddrick’s claims are credible…  or at least they have decided not to simply make things up.


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