Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Day Eight: Losing Time

I forgot to tell you about the bad aspect of the eastbound Trans-Atlantic… Read more

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day Seven: “I Didn’t Know Cinderella was Real.”

Inspiration struck while I was running/walking around Deck 4. Read more

Day Six, Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise: Nova Scotia

We’ve learned since we arrived here that David – in his parallel fantasy life – would work on a cargo ship. We half expected him not to return to the Disney magic and just live in Nova Scotia with his own boat somewhere on his own island. Read more

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day Five – Day at Sea

I knew we hadn’t brought enough. Read more

TN Student Who Got Accepted to Every Ivy League School Chooses… Univ. of Alabama?

Only a tiny few American students receive admissions offers from all eight Ivy League universities… Check out what this one did. Read more

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day Four – The Gut Punch of New York

Crew members began to emerge from the bowels of the ship for this moment… kitchen workers, deck cleaners, food servers, and hospitality workers from all different countries of the world. Read more

Republican Presidential Contenders’ Cowardly, After-the-Fact Opposition to the Iraq War

The GOP Presidential candidates are not showing real leadership. Read more

Confessions of an Ivy League Admissions Committee Member

Want to know what it’s really like to be on the admissions committee of an Ivy League School? I happen to be married to someone who was on one. Read more

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day 3: Ivy League Admissions Conversation?

Thankfully, no medical evacuations today… Read more

TransAtlantic Disney Cruise, Day 2: Medical Evac

“What if you have an emergency and need medical care while on a cruise?” Now, we know. Read more

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