What’s In My Console? Check Out my “Minivan Confession”

Rebecca Cusey and I are having fun with a new little project called “Minivan Confessions.” [Read more...]

When Big Government Doesn’t Let Us Help Ourselves

As a conservative who believes in the power of individuals and private charities to transform lives, I’ve been told the same lie again and again: “That’s all good, but only government is big enough to take care of us all.” [Read more...]

Masters of Boredom: When will Hollywood tire of its favorite lie?

It’s said there are few truly original stories in Hollywood. [Read more...]

David on The Blaze TV Speaking About Voter ID

So, the federal government, when not keeping WW2 vets off the memorial, is now suing the state of North Carolina. [Read more...]

Remembering Tom Clancy

I’ll never forget reading The Hunt for Red October. [Read more...]