Why I am a Catholic in less than 200 words: Holy Thursday

A perfect storm – Trying to come up with a homily for Holy Thursday evening and a post on why I am Catholic in less than 200 words.  Not until I sat down to prepare that homily did it all click.  It’s all because of Holy Thursday.

I’m a Catholic first because God calls me to be.  I stay a Catholic because of the Eucharist, because of the priesthood.

Jesus loves us so much that he gives to us His own Body and Blood so that we may be close to Him.  We can’t have the Eucharist without the priesthood.  We can’t have the Church without the Eucharist.  Jesus gives us His own Body and Blood not for us to hold on to and have and hide, but to share with the world – so that we could become like Him and take Him out there.  We’re called to be like Mary – Christ-bearers.  The Eucharist impels us towards one another – it makes us one, it makes us the Church!

That is why I am a Catholic.  That’s why I am a priest.  I love the Catholic Church.  I love the priesthood.  Holy Thursday just summed it all up so perfectly.



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