Vatican Clarifies False Statements Attributed to Pope Francis

The News.Va Facebook page posted this update that I thought was important to share. FALSE STATEMENTS ATTRIBUTED TO POPE FRANCIS Dear friends, we have been notified by many readers that there are stories currently circulating all over the Internet spreading statements by Pope Francis with regard to a number of issues, concerning the Bible’s content, [Read More...]

Pope Francis gives to priests an examination of conscience: Don’t be Smarmy!

Pope Francis this morning gave a sort of examination of conscience to priests in his morning homily. It is a powerful reminder to me and to each of my brothers of the need to stay close to Jesus. He reminds us that each of us has limits, we are each sinners.  But if we go [Read More...]

An ancient call to be witness – A beautiful homily on monsignors

A lot has been said in the last day about Pope Francis’ reform of the naming of monsignors.  I don’t really have an opinion either way on the new reform.  I think it was a nice custom and a nice honor for the individual priest and for his parish and diocese.  Could clericalism and careerism [Read More...]

Joining Fr. Barron and Fr. Morris on In The Arena

A few weeks ago I was asked by my friend, Msgr. Kieran Harrington to appear on his radio talk show In The Arena.   Msgr Kieran is Vicar for Communications for the Diocese of Brooklyn. He also serves as the President and Chairman of DeSales Media Group, a full-service media company that includes NET NY, a [Read More...]

Praying for and to the great Sister Margaret

I came across this great picture from 2001, from Pentecost Sunday, when I was confirmed.  I am pictured immediately following the Mass with Sister Margaret Quinn, CSJ. She was the person that prepared me for confirmation, one on one.  I think in a lot of ways, she also prepared me for ordination many years later [Read More...]

Hail to the Chief

Some three years ago, we seminarians in Huntington threw a party for the surprise election of then-Archbishop Dolan as the president of the USCCB.  As far as excuses go for throwing a party, it was a pretty good one!  There was food, prosecco to toast the new Prez, Häagen-Dazs ice cream and Dunkin Donuts – the [Read More...]

Titles and Cassocks and Vestments, oh my!

Fr. Dan Horan, for whom I have tremendous respect, has written a new article for America magazine titled “Lead us not into clericalism.”  It’s well written and I agree with most of it.  Pope Francis himself, as Fr. Dan points out, has condemned clericalism.  I do, too.  There is no place in the Church for [Read More...]

Wherein Andrew Sullivan Inspires Me

Andrew Sullivan is a popular blogger and commentator with whom I find myself disagreeing at times.  Recently though, I have been moved by his comments and expressions of admiration for Pope Francis.  Today, he wrote a post about being Christian vs. Christianist.  Make sure to go read the entire post.  Below are two quotes that [Read More...]

Antonin Scalia, Catholic

  Justice Antonin Scalia sat for an interview with  The result is some of the most entertaining reading I’ve done in a long time.  Justice Scalia, whose son is a Priest speaks at length about his Catholic faith.  He speaks in a delightful tone and with remarkable clarity on the faith.  see below the [Read More...]

Blessing of Animals at St. Kilian’s

Today is a favorite feast day of mine.  I took Francis as my confirmation name back in 2001 and have always had a special devotion.  I was thrilled to be able to bless the animals at my parish this afternoon. We had a great turn out, almost double of last year.  We saw birds, some [Read More...]