Superbowl Afterthought

In my sadness that my beloved Colts lost (we’ll get ’em next year!), plus the sinus headache I’ve been nursing since yesterday afternoon, I forgot to thank the “National Organization for Less and Less Women All the Time” for alerting us all to the elevated threat level that would be achieved last night when Focus on the Family ran this “offensive” and “controversial” ad:

Whew, thanks for the heads-up NOW! Don’t you just find it “offensive” and “disgusting” when women go on and on about how much they love their kids, and how happy they are that they’re alive? I mean, that’s pretty sick right?

Celebrate family, Celebrate life? Who wants that “controversial” message broadcast into their living room while they’re trying to celebrate a football game…with their families.

Again, I must congratulate the Feminist establishment for making sure to keep us abreast of all “offensive” media that wants us to love our kids and support our families. Thanks ladies, although since that might offend you, thanks womyn. :)

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  • Jaime

    ha ha.:) Love the spirit of this post. I remember being shocked last night at how anyone could actually take offense at the ad. Craziness.

  • Molly W

    Most of the backlash I’ve heard is that Mrs. Tebow’s story does not cover the majority of reasons women tend to seek abortive procedures.

    Mrs. Tebow (married, with 4 children when tim (a planned pregnancy) was conceived) was sick and advised to end her pregnancy; she was not given abortion as an option because she was under the poverty line, was a teenager or afraid of family/society backlash for an unplanned pregnancy and therefore she is not the best spokesperson for this topic.

    Also because she decided to go against doctors advice, people have been worried that, even when doctors are NOT advising abortive procedures, she might be an “inspiration” to ignore medical advice and focus solely on forms of “spiritual healing”.

    As it is I was pleased to see how tasteful and respectful the commercial was, the FontheF group seems to have good basic intentions even though I personally try not endorse “evangelical” groups. They do seem to be focusing on the issue that we need to support unplanned pregnancy so that abortion is not seen as an option because it is unnecessary.

  • Maggie

    I hope you feel better soon!

    After I saw that ad I had to laugh that such a big deal was made over it. I wonder what those pro-abortion folks are thinking today….. hmmm….

  • Maggie

    Oh, I figured out what they were thinking. NOW is considering the Tim Tebow ad to “glorify domestic violence.”


  • Rae

    I hate sinus headaches. :-( I hope that yours gets better soon.

    And I too was tempted to go heavy on the snark once I actually saw the commercial. How dare they?! 😉

  • CM

    I would have totally missed the commercial if not for all the talk about it ahead of time! I certainly wouldn’t have known that abortion was a part of the concern if it wasn’t for NOW et. al. Although, perhaps it is a lesson. When we get all up in arms about the things that offend us, are we helping to correct the situation or perpetuate it? Something to think about… Sorry about your Colts! I was cheering for them.

  • Ann

    Thanks for your comment. I love having a new reader :)

    So, did you hear what Planned Parenthood of the EU announced the day after this ad? Ummm, yay…they want schools to have a mandatory “Pleasures of Sex” class for all ten year olds…I have no words (and that hardly EVER happens!).