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I apologize in advance for the all-over-the-place nature of this post. I wanted to share some cool baby stuff I found, and also just talk about our plans and what’s been going on in the fumbles family.


I’m really very silly. I thought, “Oh we’re going to use cloth diapers, it’ll be easy to get them figured out.” Ha! Not only are there 10,000 varieties of cloth diapers, there is also not one store in Indianapolis which sells them, so we’ll be having to buy them online. I’m not against online shopping, but it would be nice to actually get to feel the diaper before we buy them.

I’ve been investigating our diaper options for a while, and I think I’ve figured out what we’re going to use!

We are going to go with one-size, pocket diapers. We’re buying two brands to try and compare: Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius. Fuzzi Bunz seem to be the best option for newborns, as they have a 4th setting, extra-small. So we’ll start with them until she gets to be about 10 lbs. or so, then we’ll use both FB and Bum Genius.

But I’d love to hear from any of you who have used either brand and what you’ve thought of them!


Our nursery plan is in place!  The plan as of now is to get all of the furniture for the room second-hand except for the crib. So far we got a nice changing table/dresser on Craigs List, and we’re going tonight to look at a glider/rocker chair and ottoman, waayyyy cheaper than the prices at Babies R Us. We have a bookshelf from Ikea, and we’ll try to get a small, narrow dresser to put inside her closet for extra space.

The room is a light, sort of buttery yellow. One wall will be painted “One Enchanted Evening” which is a nice light bluish-purple from the Disney paint collection.

Her crib will go against that wall. Then we’ll paint the dressers (hence why we’re buying them cheap!) another Disney paint called “Robes for the Queen”.

I’d also like to get some wooden letters from a craft store to spell out her name (once we decide on one!) and paint them the darker purple as well. I’m hoping to be able to find some curtains in this darker shade as well.

Eventually we’ll get a lamp of some kind, and I found this on sale at Home Depot:

Princess Castle Self-Stick Mini Wall Mural 36-Inch x 40-Inch

It’s a wall applique-sticker type thing. It’s supposedly removable. I thought it would look so cute on one of the walls in her room!

I like the princess theme. I figure it’s sort of baby-ish, but will still be fun for a little girl until she’s a few years old (or older!).

So, even though she’s going to have her own room downstairs, our bedroom is upstairs. I know, I know. Ack. Solution: Pack n Play with bassinette upstairs for the first few months (until she grows out of it) and a changing pad on a dresser for a makeshift changing table. I *know* I’m not going to be running up and down stairs all day and night for feedings and changing. This way, there will be a place for her to sleep and to be changed upstairs and down. Once she grows out of the Pack n Play as a bed, it can be used for all of its lovely other functions, especially for trips to grandma’s!

So what’s her name?

Well, that’s a good question! We have a few front-runners, but we haven’t decided for *sure* yet. We also haven’t decided if we’ll tell people her name before she is born or not.

I like the idea of having two names chosen, and then deciding for sure when we meet her. In other words, I don’t know, ha.

Here’s some of the ones we like:








Do any of you ladies have Costco memberships? I’m interested in one, but is it worth the cost for a small family?


This past Saturday we had a little shindig at our house. It was fun! We had over some friends from church as well as our neighbors, who are really cool (and have a sweet 15 year old daughter — Babysitter??). The one family that came has the two most adorable daughters, one who is 2 and the other who is six weeks old! She was so small and cute; baby feet. Is there anything more adorable than baby feet?

We had bought one of those small fire bowls from Target, and we got to use it for the first time on Saturday. We made a fire and S’mores! I haven’t had s’mores in ages, and they are just so g-o-o-d. The fire bowl was a great investment (especially because it was on sale!) and I can’t wait to use it on fall evenings when it’s nice and cool.

Dry Spells

Thanks for the encouraging words on dry spells! I started a book that I have had for about a year, but haven’t read yet. It’s called Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To. It’s a pretty cheesy title, but the few pages I’ve read so far seem really good!

And of course, I have to end this post with a new bump picture! Here I am yesterday, 20 weeks, 6 days:

Again, sorry for the wanderings, but thanks for reading through! :)

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  • http://catholicmutt.blogspot.com CM

    Those all sound like great names! The get together with s’mores sounds like alot if fun as well.

  • http://thatmarriedcouple.blogspot.com/ That Married Couple

    Because I am obsessed with all this, here is a long comment :)

    Diapers – This weekend we went to the Cotton Babies store (they make BumGenius) and looked over both those and the FuzziBunz in person. They both seem great, and both have XS you can buy. I had thought we’d go with FuzziBunz because I think I want snaps, but my husband ended up preferring the velcro so we bought the BumGenius. We’ll start with those, then like you get several of both kinds to try for when she outgrows them (although I think we’re leaning towards getting sized instead of one-size).

    Nursery – It sounds beautiful! I can’t wait to see pictures once it’s finished!

    Names – Wonderful! The last three are my favorites. We aren’t telling anyone our list ahead of time, and also planning on waiting until she is actually born to make our final decision.

    Costco – I have no advice on this, because I don’t have one. I think it would be good if you were doing disposables, but I don’t know about it if you’re not.

    Smores – Awesome! How big is the pit?

    Dry Spells – I look forward to hearing your impressions of the book – it’s sitting on my shelf, unread, as well!

    Bump – Cute!

  • http://nowealthbutlife.com Rae

    Cute picture! Can you tell that I like pictures? 😉 And great classic names. I look forward to finding out which one you choose.

  • http://www.graceandpressure.blogspot.com Grace

    I was reading through the names, and I got to Costco, and I thought… Seriously? Then I realized it was the next subject! Oh boy, I need a nap.

    We use our costco membership about one a month right now–it’s where we get all our meat, because it is so much cheaper. My sister, who has four kids, shops at the Buffalo equivalent of costco all the time, because they go through food like mad.

    So, our thought was, is that once the kiddo start eating real food, then it would be easy to buy perishables from costco. Though, if you’re using cloth diapers, the ability to buy laundry detergent in bulk might be handy :)

    See if there is someone who will go in on a membership with you (if they let you do that). In law school, I used to shop there with a friend who had a membership and we split the shopping trip bill.

  • http://joyinthemorning-joy.blogspot.com/ Joy

    Thank you for your prayers!

    I don’t have any diaper suggestions as we’ve not done cloth.

    Your nursery description sounds great and I think your plan of having a pack&play in your room to start should work really well. BTW many of the new ones come with built-in change pad/station which is really useful. All our bedrooms are upstairs so we set-up the pack&play downstairs giving us a place to change diapers and set her down for short naps without having to climb the stairs ~ worked really well in those first weeks.

    Hmmm smores at private fire pit, lovely!!

    Great bump shot!

  • http://www.eafromtheheart.blogspot.com Maggie

    First of all- you look CUTE CUTE CUTE!

    I love the names of the Disney paint colors… so fun! And what a perfect theme for a little girl. Now I can’t wait to have a little girl!

    Diapers- we decided to do disposals for the first couple weeks because it will be all about survival. Well we got TOOOOOOOONS of diapers, so we might be using them for awhile. I’m kindof concerned about the price of cloth… so I may be emailing you soon about what you’ve found.

    I’m reading that book right now to combat my spiritual dry spell. It’s pretty good… not too deep but not fruity-tooty either. If anything it’s reminding me to keep on prayin’!

  • http://churchyear.blogspot.com Jessica Snell

    Those are all lovely names!

    I don’t know about Costco, but our Sam’s Club membership pays for itself on gas (for the van) savings alone. You might calculate how much you’d save getting gas at Costco’s station, and if that pays for the membership within a year, well, that’s a simple way to know it’s worth it! (If it doesn’t, you have to look at other, smaller purchases, I suppose. But looking at gas convinced us with Sam’s. So, I thought it might help.)

  • Colleen

    I love all of the names, Sar. (Including Gianna, which I think is beautiful and sounds lovely except for the first few days of each school year when the new teacher will definitely pronounce it Guy-anna. You think teachers would get the basic Gi = /j/ concept, but…)

  • http://laterbetty.blogspot.com Kelly

    My sister in law, Cindy and I both have used Mother-ease for our kids. Here’s the website: http://www.mother-ease.com/

    At the time I was pregnant with Gavin (who was born in January too btw!) they were rated #1 with Consumer Reports. We tried a velcro one but washing (and drying) was a pain because they all stuck to one another. Gavin was a preemie and was able to wear these diapers from about 7 lbs to when he was potty trained.

    We used the B. as a mother’s helper when Anna was born. She’s very responsible and her mother is very close by…you can’t be it!


  • cathy

    When I got my Costco memebership all 8 of my kids were still at home. Now we are down to 3 at home and I don’t use it as much for the groceries, however if you and your husband wear glasses then it will be worth it. We have 8/10 in glasses and for that reason alone I keep the membership. You can’t beat their optical prices unless you shop on line for your glasses.

  • http://www.rebecca-feelmylove.blogspot.com Rebecca

    Love the princess theme – and all of the names too!

    I’d say if you have a deep freezer and/or lots of space, go for the Costco membership – if only for the reduction in trips to the store that it will provide. If you don’t have either, it’s not worth it, imho.

  • Alan

    Unless they have stopped carrying them I think Toys R Us and Babies R Us also carry cloth diapers. I remember stocking them one a week at TRU when I worked there. I belived they come in several sizes and are a Gerber brand. Its great that you are thinking to go this route as it does save a lot of expense in the long run.

    Thanksa for keeping us updated!!!!

  • Pat

    Thanks for the picture.

    I wish I could come down for a visit. But I enjoy being at Murdock– I might as well.