A Pants-ifesto?

Ladies, I don’t know if you read Simcha’s blog. She is a hilarious, Hebrew Catholic, mother of eight. This week there have been some serious discussions going on over there about something that seems somehow … not all that serious.

Between two posts, there have been 500 comments! What you ask, could garner such a conversation? One word. Pants.

Particularly, women in pants. Yes, this still seems to be an issue. Lady GaGa wore a dress made of meat (M-E-A-T) this week, and somehow, there are Catholic people who would argue that, the (meat)Ball Gown is in better taste (ha ha!) than my yoga pants, just because it’s a dress? Really?

Anyway, Simcha writes a great declaration of why she wears pants, and why ultimately, whether or not a woman chooses to wear pants or skirts (or both) it’s not a moral issue. This, of course, generated over 300 comments.

The follow up post, titled, Pants Pass, is, if possible, more funny and so enjoyable. If you’d like a good chuckle, head on over and check them out!

Now, lest I ruffle any feathers: I love skirts. I love dresses. I wear them frequently. I even did a dress challenge where I wore a skirt/dress every day for a month. While I was working at the library. Skirts are great, and feminine, and lovely.

But you know what? I’m six months pregnant, and I love me some yoga pants. I’m staring down the barrel of becoming a new mom in late December, and I can tell you right now, I’ll be doing most of that new mothering in pants. There will be times when I will wear black trousers to Mass because frankly, I’m not trying to wrestle tights over a third-trimester stomach and ankle-length skirts make me look like a dwarf.

If someone feels called to only wear skirts, I think that’s wonderful, and as I wrote in discerning wearing a mantilla, I think people should do what they feel God is calling them to do. But, like Simcha, I have a real problem with people insinuating that I am (a) immodest (b) not striving to be holy or (c) incapable of imitating the Blessed Mother if I am wearing pants (which more than one commenter in the posts said).

Proof for the absurdities of above claims?

Yeah, you tell me which outfit is more modest and feminine?

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  • Colleen

    I liked Simcha’s blog. Thanks for directing me towards it. Much like her, I wish I could wear skirts more often. They always look so nice on other people, and are far dressier for the occasions that merit nicer clothing. However, I find that because of the way I am naturally shaped, skirts seem to slide right off of me, or tend to slide up and bunch around my middle, leaving less fabric to cover the important bits.

    I liked that she too feels that pants can be more modest for some of us.

  • http://joyinthemorning-joy.blogspot.com/ Joy

    Amen ~ I also enjoy skirts and dresses but there are seasons in my life (often ironically having to due with feminine or maternal aspects) when pants simply work better for me.

  • http://songofasunflower.blogspot.com Katie

    Oh goodness! Well, the meat dress is pretty ‘stinkin” expensive…excuse the pun.

    I agree with you fully….but here I am about to ruffle your feathers for hopefully the first time:

    I was listening to Catholic radio a couple weeks ago in which the announcer made the arguement against yoga, claiming that the whole yogic exercise is designed to bring one to an experience, in the Hindu religion, of becoming god themselves, through the series of exercises. What do you, then, think about support yoga pants? (I’m really being facetious, but I’d be amused by answer just the same.)

  • http://matchingmoonheads.wordpress.com alison

    wow, that blog post was definitely written to incite argument. i guess she got what she wanted with those 300 comments! i think maybe she could take a chance to read your “combox monster” post herself…

  • Pat

    I think what God cares about is what is in our hearts and not what is blocking the view of our upper legs– skirts or pants both do the trick. Of course, fitting in with the culture and the specific situation are both important in that they can show respect for other people in that specific situation. Again, pants work. I think that even women in their eighties and older understand pants on pregnant women for comfort and pants when it is cold.

    And- we can remember to not worry about the splinter in “that woman’s eye” when we have a plank in our own. Maybe the commandment to not judge others is the answer.

    I never saw my Grandma Murphy in anything other than a dress. She was a farm lady who wore a dress and an apron. But she was not judgmental. I think she would be happy that women became liberated and customs changed so that women could wear pants and dresses and skirt. She would just be caring about how women are caring for their family. She was a very hard worker. She would get up in the summer early enough to get in a load of wash, hang it on her clothes line, and then sit on her front porch to watch the sun rise. She always wore a smile. Maybe that is the most important to thing to wear. She is a happy memory. She said she was never happier than when she was pregnant or had a new little one. She raised 7 boys.

    Also- We are commanded to be Jesus’ hands in the world. Again, if we do his work it does not matter if we wear pants or a skirt.