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There is a facility that performs abortions two blocks from my house. (I refuse to use the word “clinic” — a “clinic” is a place where people are helped, not killed. It’d be like calling death row a “health center”. Give me a break.)

Today is a killing day. Tomorrow is a killing day at this facility. While I’m sitting in my living room feeling my daughter dance inside me, someone else’s daughter is being ripped limb from limb. (The link is not a photo but a medical description of what happens in an abortion at each stage of pregnancy). That’s all there is to say. It’s the truth of what happens there.

Instead of leaving a comment, perhaps you could say this prayer (or any other you like) for an end to this particular killing field, and for all of the people whose lives are damaged and destroyed by killing fields all over this world.

Father, all life is in Your care.

You have entrusted us to one another,

that we may show our brothers and sisters

the same love You have for us.

We pray, then, for the least among us,

the children in the womb.

Protect them from the violence of abortion.

We pray for those that are scheduled to die.

Save them from death.

Give new hope to their parents,

that they may turn away from the desperate act of abortion.

Grant conversion to the abortionist and to the staff. Show us how we are to respond to the bloodshed in our midst, And lead us to the day when this place of death

Will be transformed into a haven of life.

Guard us with your joy and your peace,

For in You, life is victorious.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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