Dear Maggie

You are three months old. I can hardly believe it. I remember so vividly the moment you came into the world and I got to hold you and look into your sweet face. It feels as though it were a million years ago, and yesterday. I met you on December 28th, and I have been getting to know you ever since.

In the last few weeks, your little personality has started to come out more. Every morning when you wake up and make your little squeaks to let me know you’re up, I look into your face. You never fail to look up at me and smile, as if to say, “Good morning mommy! What adventures are we going to have today?”

You smile so many times each day, and it makes me happy every single time. When I’m overwhelmed, or sad, or exasperated, your smile reminds me of the truth of our love for each other. I love being your mom.

You take such delight in your toys, especially your baby gym. You stare with fixed determination at your purple elephant and your colorful rings.

You try so hard to grab those rings, and you are getting better and better at getting them. It makes me wonder what else you will accomplish when you set your mind to it. Your focus when you play reminds me of your daddy, and how hard he works to take care of us.

You love your giraffe rattle, and grab it with a smile. You smile when I read you Mother Goose rhymes from your book.

But you have a serious side as well. Especially when you’re studying mommy or daddy’s face as we talk to you. You are more than just a pretty face.

The first three months of your life has been such an adventure for your daddy and I. Our family has grown, and you are the joy of our lives. I can’t wait to see what the next three months will bring!


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  • Michelle

    She is so beautiful, Sarah! What a blessing. And your sentence that says it feels like a million years ago and it feels like yesterday….SO TRUE about those early months! God bless.

  • Maggie

    Oh she just melts my heart! Happy 3 months! And trust me… time does not slow down. Joe will be 7 months on Saturday. 7 MONTHS!

  • joy

    Beautiful letter (and pictures)! Such a good idea to get down some observations as the months go by, they change so much in the first year.
    So glad you are enjoying this time with your little lady.

  • Katie

    What a sweetheart! She’ll enjoy reading your posts when she’s older! Great idea to write it all down!

  • pat

    Thank you for your posts about 3 months, the TV shows, the collection of pictures and the Love Story Part 1. I look forward to part 2.

  • That Married Couple

    So sweet!

  • Louise

    Maggie is absolutely beautiful. What a blessing she is!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog — I am really happy you did, because it has led me to yours! I loved reading about you and Atticus, and your “Love Story Part I” was very moving. I am looking forward to reading more! God bless your beautiful family!

  • Lenae

    Oh goodness, she’s adorable!