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7 Quick Takes Friday

Visit Jen for more quick takes. 7. Yarn-Con was awesome! I bought some beautiful yellow yarn I will use to make a hat. I also got the cutest hat for Maggie. It’s reddish-pink and has a yellow flower on it. 6. We’ve been watching princess movies this week. There’s a great second-hand children’s store just [Read More…]

Feasts Abounding

Friends, my favorite part of the liturgical year is upon us! I simply love, love the time that begins with Michaelmas (September 29th) and extends through the many wonderful feasts in October, the month of All Souls in November, and then Advent and Christmas. It’s so magical. I was raised Catholic, but since my grandparents [Read More…]

Where I’m From

Hello friends! Come read more about where I’m from over at I promise I’m writing here this week! Once we figure out why our new fridge is beeping every five minutes and make it stop. ha-ha, wish I was kidding. [Read more…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 It’s my kind of town Chicago After cancelling our trip to the Chi over Labor Day because we were all sick, I decided to go and visit Elizabeth another time. It’s time! I’m taking the MegaBus there tonight and back Sunday morning. I’m really looking forward to the trip. 6. We’re going to something [Read More…]

Neglect, Sleep, and Some Books

Oh my. It would seem it’s been more than two weeks since I’ve written anything on this poor, neglected blog. Things have been so crazy here that I’ve had a hard enough time just meeting my weekly post deadline over at I haven’t even been able to comment on as many posts as I’d [Read More…]

Sick, Sick, Sick!

We’re sick over here. Can’t breathe, blow your nose until it’s raw, watery eyes, sore throat, and oh yeah it’s 96 degrees outside sick.  I came down with it on Saturday, and then Maggie got sick on Monday. Then yesterday, Wednesday, I finally went to to the doctor because I was feeling some pain in [Read More…]