Day 19: Random Acts of Kindness

Today I am grateful for a blog-turned-chance-encounter-turned-in-real-life friend who God brought into my life this past March, and who I feel as though I have known much longer than that.

This friend, knowing that we have been going through some stressful times with TTC and starting treatment, sent me a beautiful encouraging card, and a Starbucks gift card! I was so pleasantly surprised, and was having a hard day, and when I opened that envelope, it was like a hug for my soul

For those of you who know her, it’s no surprise. She is so kind and genuine. A real friend.

I was able to use that gift card, in conjunction with a buy one, get one free offer at Starbucks this weekend, to get four holiday lattes for Atticus and I and two friends, for free.

Today I am grateful for friends, both those I met here in town, and those God has brought into my life. I’m also grateful for those little acts of kindness which let us know we haven’t been forgotten.

I had the skinny peppermint mocha. My all time fav.

What are you grateful for today?

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  • Bonnie Engstrom

    That makes me so happy!

    I confess, I am a little jealous of the irl freindship you, Leanne, and Marie have been able to develop.

  • Pat

    For the children and staff members at the school where I work.