What I Wore Sunday

What I Wore Sunday November 18, 2012

Welcome to my second week of participating in Fine Linen and Purple’s What I Wore Sunday link-up!

Well ladies, in this corner of the Internet the talk this weekend is football, football, and more football.

It all started yesterday at brunch. There we were at our favorite place downtown when who should walk in to pick up his weekly to-go order?

Our very own Colts QB, Mr. Andrew Luck.

I’m sitting there, and he walks in. And there’s this tall, tall man and I’m looking at him thinking, “Gosh, he looks really familiar. Do I know him?” Then I look down, see the Stanford sweatshirt. OH, she said to herself, I know him from TV. That’s Andrew Luck. By the time I point it out to Atticus and grab my phone to take a pic, he was gone like the wind. It was awesome.

Then upping the greatness of this weekend, Notre Dame shut out Wake Forest, Oregon lost and Kansas State tanked.  Notre Dame is #1 (where they belong) as the ONLY bowl eligible undefeated team in the land. They are one game away from the national championship.

It’s magical.

What does this have to do with what I wore today? Well, you can guess.

In case you can’t make out the emblem on my sweater, its ND. Let’s try a close up and get the deets:

Sweater: Notre Dame bookstore, gift from Atticus last Christmas

Pants: Purple uncut corduroy legging jean, Gap, gift from my sister-in-law last Christmas

Loafers: same as last week.

Now the bag. I love this bag:

Yes, it’s plaid.

If you shop at Target, it might look familiar. It started out $35. I waited, and waited, and waited. Two weeks ago I got it for $8.

You can wear it as a crossbody or carry it like a shoulder bag. Big enough for my laptop, or just the diaper bag. It’s a great fall/winter bag with the plaid fabric.

Purse: Target, $8 on clearance

Last, but not least, the jewels.

Earrings: Gift from my dear hubby the first Christmas we were dating, 5 years ago. He picked them out himself.

And a bonus. What she wore:

That’s my girl!

Turtleneck: Baby Gap, $3 on clearance

Dress: Notre Dame bookstore (I will not even tell you how much we paid for it! Worth every penny for that cutie.)

Happy Sunday!

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  • Oh my goodness…..”magical” is about right! My husband is an ND alum so blue and gold runs through this household. You’re little girl is so cute in her Irish gear and I love your sweater with the purple pants and loafers. The purse is pretty awesome too!

  • Oh, it’s been football football football in this house, too! My husband went to Notre Dame, and I went to Georgia. Both schools are having fantastic seasons (and may actually play each other!). I know what you mean about the overpriced ND bookstore, too. We were there last week, and I just couldn’t bring myself to fork over the cash–I’ll leave that for baby’s grandmas to do! Both you and your girl’s ND outfits look great–and I LOVE that bag!

  • Haha, I love ND theme! Plus can you go wrong with that gorgeous bob you have going on?! Lovely!

  • As a Bama fan, I was also happy with this week…but only because everyone that I needed to lose, did so and we’re number 2! If you go to the championship, I hope y’all ND’ers come ready to play football, SEC style, cause we will see you there!! 🙂

    Good job on incorporating school spirit into your Mass attire. While I was at Bama, Mass the day after game day was always a sea of crimson and white – and God help you if you didn’t participate! But I have more purples/blues/blacks in my wardrobe, so it was a rough time for me, fashion-speaking!

  • I love all of those colors together, and those loafers are so cute!

  • GO IRISH!!!!!!

    love your outfit, too, obvi — ha!!

  • LOL I love how Andrew Luck was just like at the same place as you. Look how freaking cute Maggie looks. And you look so great!

    Thanks for joining us 😀

  • Gotta love the ND nod!! Go Irish! 😉 and cords…SO cozy!!!

  • Pat

    Wonderful. I am smiling thinking about your weekend.