Sweet Blackberry Nostalgia Greets Summer’s Grand Trine in Water

Wild blackberries, sweet and ripe.

Illinois blackberries in a Missouri Whole Foods Market bring back sweet childhood memories and spur kitchen magic. [Read more...]

Cherry Pie: The Fruit of Love’s Labors


Cherries, cinnamon, patience and practice combine to make a love-centered pie. [Read more...]

Gay and Straight Benefit From Blessing Gay Marriage

At last, a favorable Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriages.

My views on gay marriage draw from Pagan values and having married a closeted gay man. [Read more...]

Mercury: Big, Two-Hearted Retrograde


Mercury is turning retrograde in Cancer early Wednesday morning. It’s time to fish the swamp. [Read more...]

Midsummer’s Astrology Guest List Stars Lilith


Midsummer’s astrological chart asks us to look for hidden treasures within ourselves. [Read more...]

Seizing the Day with a Sumerian Brew

Sipping beer through straws in Sumer.

A Midwestern microbrewery is using a hymn to the Sumerian beer goddess to resurrect Her beer recipe. [Read more...]

Magical Muesli: Summer Spellcraft in a Breakfast Bowl

Strawberry Muesli

Muesli is more than oatmeal’s summer cousin. It can be a spell for love, prosperity, creativity and a silver tongue, too. [Read more...]

Waste (Food) Not: On World Environment Day, and Every Day

Think Eat Save on World Environmental Day 2013

Think. Eat. Save. is a reminder to Pagans to honor Gaia by using her resources wisely. [Read more...]

Welcome to Gateway Goddess!

square gate

As of June 2013, Gateway Goddess (formerly a featured column on the Agora group blog) will appear in this space. Don’t forget to update your RSS links and e-mail subscriptions! [Read more...]