Bless the Bees–It Wouldn’t Be Lughnassadh Without Them


As we prepare to celebrate the first of our three harvest festivals, let’s not forget that so many of the foods we eat in celebration would not exist without pollinators, especially bees. And the bees are dying. [Read more...]

Monday’s Grand Sextile Powers Manifestation Magic

The Star card

As two Grand Trines unite, it’s time for manifestation magic! The two triangles, one pointing upwards representing matter, one pointing downwards, representing spirit descending into matter. Shiva and Shakti joined in ecstasy. Heaven and Earth as one, just asking you to plant the seeds of your desire, because the earth is moist, fertile and ready. [Read more...]

Home-made Yogurt: Healthy Miracle in a Jar

Jars of yogurt-to-be in a yogurt machine.

Is yogurt and honey “the food of the Gods?” It’s certainly the preferred summer breakfast food for this goddess. [Read more...]

Sweet Blackberry Nostalgia Greets Summer’s Grand Trine in Water

Wild blackberries, sweet and ripe.

Illinois blackberries in a Missouri Whole Foods Market bring back sweet childhood memories and spur kitchen magic. [Read more...]

Cherry Pie: The Fruit of Love’s Labors


Cherries, cinnamon, patience and practice combine to make a love-centered pie. [Read more...]

Gay and Straight Benefit From Blessing Gay Marriage

At last, a favorable Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriages.

My views on gay marriage draw from Pagan values and having married a closeted gay man. [Read more...]

Mercury: Big, Two-Hearted Retrograde


Mercury is turning retrograde in Cancer early Wednesday morning. It’s time to fish the swamp. [Read more...]