St. Simon of The Pegg, Patron Saint of Geek Goes Rogue


This quote from Simon Pegg is why Geek Goes Rogue exists. We’re passionate about comics, music, science, Faith, books, movies and sports. Oh, and anything else we think falls into the category of “Geek Love”.

Here’s the thing, there are way too many faith magazines, blogs, and other assorted media that try to play it cool. That is not us. If you expect snarky, hipster sarcasm, go read Pitchfork or some other pseudo-intellectual rag (or e-rag).

Us? We’re gonna be passionate, be childish, and not be afraid to love what we love.

So, the patron saint for our little part of Patheos? St. Simon Pegg. Light a candle, and ask for intervention to the fight the evil hipster.