My Baby was Not a Dollar Sign….


(I'll be honest, I've never been involved in the Pro-life movement. Certainly, as a committed Catholic, I believe in what the movement stands for. However, I'm often disturbed by the unloving and un-Christlike way mothers in crisis are often treated. Further, the blatant hypocrisy of some in the movement when it comes to taking care of single mothers makes my skin crawl. And, I don't appreciate when men try to control women in any way.  However, after the release of the shocking footage and the s … [Read more...]

Key and Peeling Out

(Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)Key and Peele isn’t for everyone—I love it (it’s so, so funny!!!), but sometimes it even makes me cringe. But, most of it is hilarious and clever. There was a clip recently that hit on a problem in the Christian community that I thought was worth talking about. The scene shows a Bible Study group praying together when suddenly above them illuminates and the voice of God booms out. At first, everybody is excited—what will God say to them?! They … [Read more...]

My Sad Devotion To An Ancient Religion

(Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.) This is going to sound really messed up at first, but that scene in Star Wars: A New Hope, when the Imperial Officers are all talking about their plans for the Death Star and Vader says, “I find your lack of faith disturbing,” and then uses the Force to choke Admiral Motti expresses so perfectly what being religious feels like sometimes. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s this part:It’s not the part w … [Read more...]

Martian Love

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD cover

(Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)I had a couple of hours alone one evening this past week and boy, did I use it to the fullest! I watched, in perfect peace and in absolute control of the remote, “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.” It was delightful. Not only was it a great superhero story with lots of action and insight into Batman’s inner darkness, but there was an AMAZING scene between J’onn J’onzz and the alternate Earth’s President’s daughter, Rose.The two felt a c … [Read more...]

One Lantern, Two Lantern, Green Lantern, Blue Lantern


(Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)I’m a big fan of the Green Lantern. If I was going to be a superhero, that’s what I’d want to be. Also, the Lanterns remind me of the Catholic Church—they choose people from among the community and assign them to care for the people in that place, they have councils and a hierarchy, they make fabulously horrible mistakes with galactic repercussions and, ultimately, their objective is to bring justice and peace. I like the Green Lan … [Read more...]

Be Who You Want……Just Don’t Expect Everyone to Like it…..


  I’ve been grappling with some issues that have recently come hurtling toward us through the media. Issues that it seems we aren’t supposed to form an opinion on—unless it’s the right opinion. We’ve been clearly shown and told what we should think…But, I want to explore what I actually think without the script being handed to me.What if, for instance…A friend, Anna, meets me for lunch and with a very serious expression says, “Ever since I was young I knew I was born int … [Read more...]

Caecilius Est Doctor


 (Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.) When I was in middle school, I started to notice that very often there would be a connection with the things I was learning and the things I was living. It seemed uncanny at times how we’d study a particular historical item, or something in religion or science and then that thing would show up in some way in a conversation or, even better, it would be useful to a situation I’d find myself in. And, sometimes it would be on a … [Read more...]

The Injustice League–Gods and Monsters

(Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.) Warning: Potential Spoilers I came across some of DC’s “Justice League Gods and Monsters Chronicles” short videos today. I could share them here for you to make up your own mind, but I don’t want to be the one who shares them with anyone. They bill it as “dark” which is usually something I can get behind (tonight’s blog was initially going to be about how awesomely dark the new Aquaman looks, but then I saw the shorts) —b … [Read more...]

Nerdy By Nature

My lunchbox.

 (Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)When I was a kid (and it still happens now), whenever someone called me a nerd, or weird-o, or any of the other charming titles I was given, I didn’t get offended because, in my head, they were recognizing that I liked what I liked and wasn’t put off admitting it just because it wasn’t popular. I was proud of the fact that nobody else dictated who I was going to be and I chose to be authentically, unapologetically me. They didn’t nece … [Read more...]

Master Sue

(Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.) I know that this is an entertainment blog, and that martial arts are not strictly “entertainment,” but they are “arts.” So, I’m going to write about that today. I want to tell you about my Yoda; my Master—Master Sue. She doesn’t look like a Muppet and she’s not wrinkled and green; she’s really gorgeous. And she’s awesome. Right now she’s kicking cancer’s ass, but she can kick yours (or your Master’s), too. Even in the midst of chemo a … [Read more...]