Cranach’s New Look

As I had said was going to happen, WORLD’s sub-blogs have had to find new homes. It’s kind of a good feeling, in this era of virtual real-estate to have my own domain! (Seinfeld jokes, at this point, are not allowed.) I went ahead and gave it my own name, for various reasons, but it’s still the Cranach blog, independent and unbound!

This means that this old dog has to learn a new system, so please be patient. Yes, I’m working with a template so the design might be a little clunky at first. I’m not REALLY Lucas Cranach, so my artistic gifts are lacking. But I’m going to ask for help. And I need to, as they say, “populate” this new site, re-doing the blogroll and (most importantly) moving the archives here. The site also apparently looks different on different browsers. The point is, please be patient as we move into our new home.

This new site has some advantages. It looks like I’ll be able to do more with images than I could before. The software seems better and easier to use, once I figure it out completely. I’m hoping the comments work smoothly for you. I believe you have to “register,” but that is really not a big deal and I hope that doesn’t inhibit anyone from joining our conversations.

The old site at WORLD will still be up for awhile, as discussions there continue to rage, but please set your bookmarks to this site and we’ll start some new ones.

And a big tip of the hat to Rich Shipe for helping me do this.

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  • Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new adventure!


  • Rich Shipe

    Site looks great!

  • Dr. Veith, congratulations on your new home in the Blogosphere. Thank you for what is, truly, one of the finest Christian blogs out there.

    God bless.

  • A thought…you might want to ask your technical advisor to create a separate page of your published works, to which then you could provide a link to from your main page. I know all your publishers would surely appreciate that too.

    : )

  • I like the new website!

  • Joanna Hensley

    This site looks great! Congratulations.

  • I also suggest providing a Comments RSS feed in addition to your blog feed, especially since your site generates so many wonderful comments.

    Also, your archives and about pages don’t seem to work yet.

    After that, though, everything does look good.

  • Looks great! I look forward to checking in to discuss current events.

  • Right. There are lots of empty categories and links with nothing in them. We’ll be working to fill them in. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • organshoes

    We like.

  • I like the new place and it still has that new website smell. May God bless this new website and use it to His Glory.

  • Huh, it has some elements oddly similar to the redesign I’m currently working on for my blog, so that must mean I like it! It is nice. Though I miss the dragon — Mr. Cranach appears like he’s highly disappointed with any comment I might dare to leave.

    Feel free to throw any design/HTML questions my way, as that is my vocation (does that matter around here?).

  • allen

    That self-portrait of Cranach is the bomb, as it were.

  • fwsonnek

    Best of luck to you Dr Vieth! This looks great! I like the portrait of Cranach. He looks sort of forboding, but at the same time there is a very cool realism to the style that is great.


  • Thanks, everybody. Thanks tODD for the offer. I’m working with a template, so it’s hard to find space for everythiing. I saw another rendition of Cranach’s dragon that he sometimes used to sign his paintings–one that looks more like a dragon than the abstract scribble he usually used– and I’m looking to find that. (If anyone knows where it’s posted, please let me know.)

  • As for the self-portrait, it looks like he is looking into a mirror, his face tilted, biting his lip in concentration.

  • Carl Vehse

    Will there be a preview option prior to submitting, and will basic html formatting tags be permitted?

  • I haven’t found the preview option, but html links in comments should work. Somebody say so if they don’t.

  • Dr. Veith, I’d guess that any ability to preview comments will come via a WordPress plugin that you install on top of whatever you already have. I tried to search for some sort of canonical comment-preview plugin, but as I don’t use WordPress myself, I really don’t know what I’m looking for.

    I will however link to my comment on your Halloween post to test if links in the comments work.

  • Thanks, tODD. It appears that I have to “approve” comments that have links in them. I’ll do that, as a rule, if I can keep up with reading the comments.

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