Vocational Video

Look what I can do with my new blog! I offer here this video on the doctrine of vocation for your edification and theological analysis.

"Productive workers aren't increasing the size of the planet.Literally? No. Effectively? Yes. When you massively ..."

Environmentalism vs. Children
"Anti-children extremists on the right. Duh."

Environmentalism vs. Children
""So if you shut down the supply of hydrocarbon based energy by government fiat"...which nobody ..."

Environmentalism vs. Children
"Bear in mind that clean energy is on the rise and the modern world is ..."

Environmentalism vs. Children

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  • http://4scores.blogspot.com Cap Stewart

    Ah, yes. I had forgotten how entertaining they could be. Thanks for posting the video.

    Theological analysis: the Three Stooges illustrate the mistake of not differentiating between the two kingdoms: they mix food and painting—with hilariously disastrous results!