High-Tech Missionaries

The “Washington Post” published an article recently about how missionaries are spreading the Gospel with great effect by means of the new information technology. Drawing on the truth that “faith comes by hearing the Word of God,” they are distributing audio recordings of the Bible in local people’s languages and giving them play-back devices. They are showing a film of the life of Jesus to people who have never seen a movie before. And they are teaching children to read by means of ingenious curriculum using the Bible and tape-recordings that students can follow along with. The result is that the children are loving Jesus and absorbing His teachings, as are many of their parents as well.

What surprised me is how positive the article was. It raised the usual issue of whether or not it is right to proseletyze and to impose our culture, but the point emerged that more and more Americans are become Buddhists, so what is wrong with more and more Cambodians becoming Christians? The article, which focused on the Christian revival in Cambodia, also quoted a local official who said, If the Buddhist monks have problems with this, let THEM start teaching children how to read.

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  • fwsonnek

    excellent! I hope to do something similar here in Brasil.

  • http://FaithComesByHearing.com tcarl

    Faith Comes By Hearing has several programs in Brazil. You can contact them for support in that area. 1-800-545-6552 or see the site for a free download at http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/store/audio-bible-catalog

  • fwsonnek

    excellent! thanks so much for the tip. illiteracy is a big deal down here, and teaching people to read could change society for all the better here.

  • Bror Erickson

    I think this anit-proseletyzing is the biggest hang-up I have with the study of anthropology. Even studying it on a Christian campus I was given the idea that we are supposed to study other cultures as if they were not much more than monkeys to be observed. The idea that you would/should engage that culture with “western” values was discouraged. Some how It’s good for us to enjoy the benefits of technology, but we have to make the dedision for them that it is bad for their culture. However, if I were a bushmen I would rather have a rifle, than a bow with poison arrows. Maybe bushemnt don’t want rifles, but maybe they do, whats wrong with letting them decide?
    Same with Christianity. Maybe the take it maybe they don’t. I’ll stay away from decision language in this realm though.