“Score” (a 3-minute movie)

"You have to lsiten to this version fully, and then you still won't get me...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHS..."

The Threat to American Conservatism
"Any wonder how the extreme cases occur of immorality of any type?Biblical vs. Cultural Christianityhttp://www.crossroad.to/cha...Biblical ..."

Sex Charges Expose Hypocrisy
"5 Indicators of National Moral Declinehttp://www.patheos.com/blog...America's Spiritual Slidehttp://www.crossroad.to/cha...The Transformation of Americahttp://www.crossroad.to/cha..."

Sex Charges Expose Hypocrisy
"Rampant sexual misbehavior and other heresies and twists of culture dominate apostates.Postmodern "christians" tied with ..."

Sex Charges Expose Hypocrisy

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  • http://4scores.blogspot.com Cap Stewart

    Wow!! To say I’m impressed is a gross understatement. Job well done! You’re right, the cinematography and editing are excellent–not to mention the script! Clever ending! (I know I’m going nuts with exclamation marks, but I can’t help it! That was soooo good!)

  • http://www.theruddats.com Dave Ruddat

    i like this video too.

  • fwsonnek

    utube says the video is no longer available. darn!

  • http://www.geneveith.com Veith

    It still worked for me, clicking on the “play” symbol here.