“Score” (a 3-minute movie)

"Apparently marriage came about in order to provide the government with an excuse to provide ..."

Being Moral vs. Moralizing
"Perhaps moralizing is simple projection.I have done something wrong; therefore you are immoral.After all, we ..."

Being Moral vs. Moralizing
"I am regularly reminded, when the issue of female/male relationships comes up, that the obligation ..."

Churches’ Contempt for Men
"The state's interest was never, repeat never, about the "capacity to produce children".I'm sure you ..."

Being Moral vs. Moralizing

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  • Wow!! To say I’m impressed is a gross understatement. Job well done! You’re right, the cinematography and editing are excellent–not to mention the script! Clever ending! (I know I’m going nuts with exclamation marks, but I can’t help it! That was soooo good!)

  • i like this video too.

  • fwsonnek

    utube says the video is no longer available. darn!

  • It still worked for me, clicking on the “play” symbol here.