The Writers’ Strike Explained

By the writers of “The Office,” along with some of the show’s stars: (HT: Cap Stewart)

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  • Just as a technical note, you’re embedding your YouTube videos incorrectly. You seem to be taking the embed HTML and sticking it all inside a link tag (i.e. <a href=”[embed code]“></a>). Not only is that not right, it also screws things your blog’s format in my browser, Firefox. You should be able to simply cut-and-paste the embed HTML right into your blog post, without need for adding any other HTML.

    Anyhow, back on topic, I’m no huge watcher of TV or movies, but I’m generally sympathetic to this strike. In fact, the way my wife and I do watch TV shows, when we do, only proves the writers’ point, since we almost always prefer to wait for a season’s DVD to come out and watch it all in one commercial-free swoop. As I understand it, a lot of folks do that, but the writers don’t get paid if I watch their show in that manner.

  • SimDan

    I can’t view YouTube videos from work but here’s a reaction to tODD’s comment.

    I have been recently considering moving to how you watch shows as ditching my cable TV as it works out to about $900/year. It’s far cheaper to NetFlix or buy the DVDs of the shows I watch, or even watch them via the network website.

    Not only would this save me a good chunk of money but allows me to consolidate the viewing to a weekend per show per year freeing up my evenings to do something other than watching the tube.

  • organshoes

    Yes, cable could easily become the dinosaur that the daily newspaper is becoming. Case in point: I turn on the morning ‘news’ programs from time to time, and quickly despair of the commercials, all appearing on all the stations all at the same time, so I go then to my more favored venue for info, the internet. A few blogs, a little Drudge, my weather page, and I’m as informed as any morning show would have me to be.
    As for the strike, there’s no reason why all parties responsible for creating what little I choose to watch shouldn’t be compensated.
    Speaking of morning news, C-Span’s listener comments are about as useful (to me) as most commercials. Is it just me, or are the comments simply getting sillier? I like and appreciate what C-Span does, but those comments seem like people just talking to themselves.
    Hello? Anybody there?

  • Joe

    I find myself supporting this strike, which is a weird feeling for me.

  • They’re saying some pretty inflammatory things on there. Even when the writer’s strike ends, I wonder if they’ll be around. I do feel bad for the writers though. They definitely deserve compensation for what they’re doing.

  • A thousand thanks, tODD! I’ll change the posts.