What about Duncan Hunter?

The presidential candidate with the most solidly conservative credentials and positions has to be Duncan Hunter. Why aren’t conservatives rallying around him? Should they? Does anyone have any insights about this particular candidate?

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  • This guy inspires and electrifies conservatives where ever he goes. After spending just a few days campaigning in Texas, he won their strawpoll beating Fred Thompson (the runner up) 2-1. After being on the Glenn Beck show, his poll numbers on Glenn Beck’s presidential poll doubled. Overall, Hunter is still polling low, but he is on his way up and more and more people are getting on board. There is great potential for him to break out, just like Mike Huckabee did… and Hunter has more overall potential than Huckabee because of his solid conservative credentials as you mentioned.

    The reason he has not caught on yet is name recognition, but we are working slowly but surely to affect that.

    I encourage everyone to check out his website: http://www.gohunter08.com

    and my own website:


    -SK Johnson

  • feminizedwesternmale


    and search for Duncan Hunter. He is the spiritual choice of the majority of members, though Fred! is the practical choice. There are several posters who could tell you everything you wanted to know. He is a great Conservative and would be good choice if he had any traction.

  • Greg

    Hunter is actually my preference. I am looking into Paul though because of his fund rasing. Hunter is not generating donations.

  • fwsonnek

    The majority of our country would not support most of these men’s policies. Therefore the far greater majority would need to be forced somehow to go along. The evils of the use power, probably illigitimate use, to achieve noble goals would be the vision…

    I think it would be better to quietly attempt to reinforce the constitutional framework of civil liberties, even where those liberties are badly abused, and ignore the inflamatory example of that abuse that incites poorly thought out laws (like the 3 strike laws…).

    Hunter hits ALL the right notes, but he also misses so very many because where the “liberals” see abuse of government power, he is blind because of the radical us versus them mentality that infects both conservatives and liberals today.

    I really like alot of moderates. Often theirs is the true conservative voice. moderates embrace the status quo and move for change at a snails pace, and are willing to listen to all sides of an argument considering that even if their own goal is noble, their means might be defective or destructive.

    True moral conservatives seem to pay more attention to proper means and channels than winning. This seems weak and wishy washy to those who want to win win win. at any cost and by any means because their cause they feel is just and righteous.

    conservatives and liberals both want radical change from the current status quo, and they want it now. The world is going to hell in a hand basket and somebody HAS to DO something!!!!!

    My trust that God IS in control allows me to be a moderate and trust moderation. The victory HAS been won. Over sin, death and the power of the devil. Even in temporal things. I believe this only with the eyes of faith. What I see does not often sustain my faith. Your mileage may vary.

    Gimme the candidate that looks “wishywashy and soft and vacilating (flexible)” as to policy yet with a firm moral compass and great public speaking skills to move the masses voluntarily in a good direction.

    Sign me up as a hard-core moderate!

  • texan

    Can someone tell me what is a “conservative”? Why can’t you be against a war and a conservative? Are these candidates truly conservative or neo-conservative? What’s the difference? I thought non-intervention was a conservative principle at one time. I am young and have only ever voted GOP and considered myself conservative, but I’m not sure anymore. I am very uneasy with the Bush foreign policy and low bar that seems to have been set for going to war. I like Ron Paul for president. I don’t think he can win the GOP nomination, though. I like Huckabee, but I think we would get more of the same from him when it comes to foreign policy. Duncan Hunter comes of as mean to me. If Paul doesn’t get the nominaion I will either write him in or vote Democratic this time. Abortion and gay marriage aren’t enough on their own to get my vote anymore. Besides, the GOP just uses those issues to get everyone worked up. Ron Paul has reasoned positions on those and many other issues but gets treated like deranged mental patient by Fox News. I am confused.

  • There are:
    fiscal conservatives- these are increasingly rare. They seek to cut taxes, and spending.
    moral/social conservative- these uphold traditional moral values rather than the expansion of ‘rights’ to special interest groups.

    It is getting more difficult to find ‘true’ conservatives in politics these days. Sadly, the frustration people feel with those who were supposed to be conservatives, results in more votes for those who are interested in the expansion of gov’t programs & regulation, increasing taxes and pursuing a ‘progression’ social agenda. Sort of a ‘catch-22’, huh?

  • Joe

    If you want to understand the idea of “conservative” you need to read, Ayn Rand to get and understanding of her philosophy of objectivism, you need to read The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater, and you need to read Whittaker Chambers’ Witness and his review of Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. You also need to try to understand how, the Chambers/Bill Buckley conservatives came largely to take control of the conservative movement = this is what style of conservative Reagan was. A good way to learn some of this hsitory to read Getting it Right by Buckley. It is historical fiction that plays out some of this internal battle.

  • kerner

    Anybody who gets an A+ from F.A.I.R. gets an F from me. I don’t know when anti-immigrant sentiment became a “conservative” characteristic. And I don’t consider it very canservative at all. I don’t like the idea of our laws being broken, but I wouldn’t have liked that during prohibition either. But then, as now, a big part of the problem is that the laws are way out of sync with reality and the economic well being of the country.