Candidates as Cartoon Characters features drawings from M. Wuerker that depict the GOP candidates as cartoon characters: McCain is Popeye; Romney is Richie Rich; Huckabee is Huckleberry Hound; Giuliani is Bat Man; Ron Paul is a character whom I can’t identify (is it Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes? does anyone know?) in a flying saucer; and Thompson is Foghorn Leghorn:

Republican Toons

There isn’t a Democratic version. Could anyone propose cartoon alter egos for Clinton, Obama, and Edwards?

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  • Nathan

    Ron Paul is depicted as “Spaceman Spiff” from the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, who is one of Calvin’s alter-egos, so you were definitely on the right track.

  • Rev. F. Bischoff

    Mr. Clinton (the ex-Prez, not the wannabe) has to be played by Fritz the Cat. As for Hillary, how about Lucy Van Pelt (from Peanuts fame), who always went around telling everyone else what was wrong with them.

    John Edwards should be played by Odie, of Garfield fame.

    I’m still working on Obama.

  • Ken

    “My Little Pony” for John Edwards.

    It’s difficult to know what to suggest for Barack Obama without lapsing into stereotypes. He reminds me a bit of “Frozone” from “The Incredibles,” mostly for the skinny body-build.

    “Lucy” is a good pick for Hillary–a bossy busybody.