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it’s probably because it includes a bunch of links. For some reason, this blog software flags such comments and puts them in a “moderation” queue that I have to approve. I do approve them, but it might take awhile for them to appear. So that’s what’s happening if you make a comment and it doesn’t appear immediately. But don’t let that slow you down. Again, I think the comments and the discussions that get going are the best part of this blog.

"Actually, there are very few similarities. Of course, the "alt-right" casts a wide net, but ..."

Why the Alt-Right is Pro-Abortion
"Well in the bi-partisan view of left and right politics the alternative to the right ..."

Why the Alt-Right is Pro-Abortion
"You're really into tribalism."

Why the Alt-Right is Pro-Abortion
"And it doesn't constrain images or videos to a decently sized display window, often making ..."

And now “rethinking” free speech
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