Happy Annunciation–and Anti-Abortion–Day

Today is nine months before Christmas, making it the festival of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, the time to commemorate the conception of God in the flesh. We have the perfect way to bring back this holy day into our culture: Make it a time in the church to mark and protest and fight the evil of abortion!

The life of Jesus began with His conception. We proclaim Christ as not just the Baby in the Manger but the Embryo in His mother’s womb. For Christians, the Annunciation proves that human life begins with conception. Read this post from Scott Stiegemeyer and celebrate this anti-abortion day.

UPDATE: I should have said YESTERDAY, March 25, was Annunciation Day. I hope you had a happy one.

IN MY OWN DEFENSE: I thought TODAY was March 25.

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