McCain’s temper

The front page, top of the fold story in the Washington Post: McCain: A Question of Temperament . The story is about John McCain’s notorious temper, insinuating that he might not have the “temperament” to be president. We await a story on Hillary Clinton’s notorious temper.

Still, what do you think about this issue, which is bound to get hit hard in the general election? According to the story, the main target of McCain’s wrath has been fellow Republicans who renege on Senate deals or who indulge in pork barrel earmarks, which McCain consistently opposes. The story also cites other presidents who had incendiary tempers, including Harry Truman, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Nixon, and (yes) Bill Clinton.

Is there a danger that McCain might get angry at some foreign leader and get us into war? If we go by the niceness, even-tempered standard, I guess Barack Obama is our man. Is there a danger there too?

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