Advice for the Democrats

I know I’ve been talking a lot about Sarah Palin on this blog and criticizing Barack Obama. So now I will in part make up for it by giving the Democrats some friendly advice. In doing so, I will explain something that they apparently do not understand:

Stop the condescending, snarky, personal attacks on Sarah Palin. See, ordinary Americans really like her. They can relate to her and they can identify with her. So when you make your little jokes about her that you think are real zingers, when you insult her and pick on her family, ordinary Americans–since, remember, they identify with her–take it as if you are doing that to them. This makes them defensive and resentful of the attackers. This makes them like Sarah Palin MORE.

So “going negative” against her just doesn’t work. Indeed, it is counter-productive, doing the opposite of what you intend. Now do you understand? (I will waive my consultant fees.)

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