Elizabeth’s Baptism

We’ll be taking off today to travel to Ft.Wayne for our new grand-daughter Elizabeth’s baptism. In honor of the occasion, I post here a link toLuther’s Sermon on Infant Baptism, wherein he shows that babies too can have faith in Jesus Christ, which is never the same as mere head knowledge that adults sometimes assume but a gift of God; that in baptism a child is brought to Christ and Christ comes to the child; and that infant baptism is thus a believer’s baptism (in the sense that the baptized child believes in Christ).

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  • God’s blessings to you all on this wonderful event! Baptizing infants is such a perfect picture of how helpless we are in obtaining salvation.

  • Arfies

    Don’t forget the champagne! Dr. Gil Thiele, who described himself as one of the largest Lutheran bodies in America, commented that baptism is such a joyous occasion that it called for champagne to express our joy in the marvelous grace of God.

  • Safe travels! Hi to the Godparents too!:)
    Jenn at Bull Run

  • Sam

    Ditto Theresa K’s excellent comment.

  • LAJ

    What a blessing baptism is to parents knowing that this child is now a child of God. Wonderful!

  • Rose

    See what love the Father has given unto us, that we should be called children of God. And so we are.
    God bless Elizabeth.

  • Billlye

    In July we were present for our grandaughter’s baptism. The work of faith in a child’s life is so awesome. I cry every time one of these little one’s is brought forward for their welcoming into the kingdom. Praise God for this wondererful gift He has given not only our children, but all of us. Baptism works faith in us from the beginning to the end of our life.

    Congratulations on this second birth of your granddaughter, her spiritual birth.