From Alaska’s First Dude

Great quote from Todd Palin, the husband of the G.O.P. vice presidential candidate:

If I had a crystal ball a few years ago, I might have asked a few more questions when Sarah decided to join the PTA.

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  • Carl Vehse

    There was a concern on the Iron Dog website last week that if Palin becomes VP, that might pull Todd, a winner in several previous competitions, out of the Iron Dog snowmobile race, early next year.

    That’s not exactly like pulling Michael Phelps out of the Olympics, but it does leave a gap in the competition.

  • Jenn W

    When I was a kid (growing up in Alaska ironically enough), we used to dream about the possibility of “possibly being president” someday. I think to an extent Bill Clinton drove home that notion by going from a shack in Arkansas to the White House. Of course, he didn’t bring much honor or dignity to the office so… I’m not sure it was memorable for me. However, if Sarah Palin gets elected VP and even later president… That’s huge. It brings back that childhood hope of most American kids. That hope that if you just aim high enough you too could be president. Even PTA to national recognition as VP candidate… WOW!

    And here I was worried my husband would actually get a high enough rank in the military that I’d have responsibilities. :) At least he’s not interested in being President! :)