Jordin Sparks defies her peers

At the MTV music awards, one of the hosts, British comedian Russell Brand, amused the audience by ridiculing Promise Rings, which many young people–including some celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers–wear to symbolize their pledge not to have sex before marriage. Later in the show, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks came to the mike and saidthis:

I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It’s not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody, guy or a girl, wants to be a slut.

What courage this took! What defiance of peer pressure! Here she is, trying to make a career in music with a new record out, scoring a prestigious attention-getting gig on MTV, on national TV watched by her target audience, and she calls out the host, going so far as call the perpetrators of adolescent sex “sluts”!

I liked her on “American Idol” but now I also respect her. And she is not alone. There are lots of teenagers and young adults with that same attitude.

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  • WebMonk

    Just for that, I’m going to buy a CD of hers, or at least buy some of her music.

    I’m sure the technical precisionists will say that calling everyone who sleeps with someone before marriage a “slut” is to wide a brush, or is slanderous, or something like that. Whatever. She’s got some guts.

  • NQB

    I didn’t see any of this personally, but I certainly read the backlash against Sparks’s comment in my campus paper. Everyone was disgusted that people would defend and uphold the ‘severely outdated’ institution of marriage, but they offered no explanation as to why marriage is so backward. Can anyone tell me what makes marriage so outdated? I’ve only seen evidence indicating that a healthy marriage empowers people and provides stability.

    I suspect that marriage is simply no longer compatible with society’s idea of love which has lost any notion of commitment, e.g. marriage, as seen in the soaring divorce rates. Yesterday’s ‘sluts’ are today’s ‘true love’ advocates because they don’t tie themselves down to more than a feeling.

  • Susan aka organshoes

    I liked Jordin on Idol too. She came across as both a pro and a normal teenage girl.
    I heard lots of repetitions of what the ‘comedian’ said, but only a few references to what Sparks said in response. Thanks for giving it another airing, Dr. Veith.

  • The Jones

    If I remember correctly, the original joke against the Jonas Brothers and their promise rings was something to the effect of: These guys can sleep with any girls they want just by asking, and they don’t. It’s like superman saying “Yeah, I can fly, but I think I’ll just take the bus on this one.” A total opportunity wasted.

    Now he used the Superman analogy, but I think that’s funny because Superman DOES take the bus, or Clark Kent takes the bus. And that control and care is what makes him Superman and what makes him good. Just think what would happen if Superman REALLY took advantage of his powers? He would be quite the effective tyrant. I doubt his soul would fare very well, either.

    And yeah, Jordin Sparks. Awesome.

  • Ryan Fehrmann

    I’m all for the practice. It was a humbling and cool experience to have my new wife of a few hours hand me her purity (ie promise) ring. It was mine alone.

    Cheers for Jordan Sparks!

  • Anon

    The campus paper writers have been taught this by professors of theirs who are more interested in creating social change than in teaching. These are the students who don’t think for themselves and believe everything they are told.