Sports happiness

After the dust settled, after three out of the top five college football teams were upset, my (class of ’73) Oklahoma Sooners are ranked number one! And the Milwaukee Brewers, after a nail-biting victory over the Cubs and a nail-biting Mets defeat from the Marlins, are in the playoffs as the NL wildcard team! (We will set aside how the Packers did.)

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  • Lisa

    As a product of a strong Nebraska Lutheran family, a graduate of The University of Nebraska who met her husband at The University Chapel in Lincoln, I say, “better dead than Sooner red.” As a Cardinal fan, I will be rooting hard for the Brewers to defeat the dreaded Cubs.

  • Bruce

    It has been twenty six years since the Brewers played in October. That is the span of time of my oldest son’s life, who was born in May of that blessed year. So he never really has had the opportunity to cheer on his “home” team in the playoffs.

    After the Brewers clinched yesterday, I exchanged emails with three or four friends, all of whom are about my age, all of whom had had children born in 1982. All Brewers fans, and all aswim in ancient, fond memories–of baseball and young parenthood and how time does go passing by. When your team struggles for years and you struggle along with it as a fan, success brings up a surprising number of emotional associations and memories. Very sweet!

    Having said that, it must also be stated that I have no illusions about this team. They limped in, and they are still limping. Since it has been 100 years since the Cubs have won the World Series, I suppose it is their time, and I won’t begrudge them THAT experience! Love him or hate him, Sweet Lou Pinella is a paragon of classic baseball managers, a curmudgeonly grumpy realist, a character, Leo Durocher and Billy Martin wrapped up into one.

    I just hope my sons don’t catch me writing that.

  • What, no shout-out for Brett Favre after his six TD performance?

    As a former student at and employee of the University of Texas, it pains me to see Oklahoma on top. But the Longhorns are 4-0, and they’ll have their chance to take down OU on October 11.

  • I am happy for the Sooners, remembering that the last team to beat them were my West Virginia Mountaineers (who are not doing so hot this year).

  • JJ

    Absolutely brilliant. I was born in 1985 and can remember the near playoff push in 1992. After many years of anguish in following this team, I have been able to watch a small market team move forward via a great GM and owner. This is a great day for baseball in Wisconsin!

  • Nathan

    my ole miss rebels knocked off Florida..
    not going to lie.
    extreme, extreme, happiness.

  • TK

    Minnesota Twins fans are suffering a couple of nailbiters today and tomorrow.