China banning Christian classical music

The London Telegraph reports that as part of a new crackdown on Christianity, China is banning public performances of classical music that carries a Christian theme:

Musicians and tour organisers have told The Daily Telegraph that a series of significant performances have been affected amid a tightening of political control over the arts and Christianity.

Among the victims are the Academy of Ancient Music, one of Britain’s leading orchestral and choral groups, which was invited to sing The Messiah at the Beijing International Music Festival in October.

The performance will go ahead but has been made “by invitation only” to get round the ban.
Ironically, among the invitees are members of the Politburo and other senior government leaders.

The Sinfonica Orchestra di Roma has dropped plans to play Mozart’s Requiem in the Sichuan earthquake zone in honour of the dead and to raise money for survivors. It will play a programme of smaller, mostly non-religious works instead.

At least one other performance of The Messiah has been cancelled and one of Verdi’s Requiem is under threat.

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  • Peter Leavitt

    Another feckless try by the Communists to diminish Christinanity in China. Yet, the best estimate is that about fifty-million Chinese are Christians and that the numbers are expanding fast.

  • Susan aka organshoes

    Well, running scared of music is a pretty funny place to be. What bigger ackowledgment of the power of God can the godless make?
    God isn’t afraid of the Underground, which is where such music will now go to be heard.
    Besides, it’s the souls of China the Lord desires; not the government’s stamp of approval.

  • Bruce

    Interesting that politburo members may attend. Perhaps they will hear and believe.