Converting Halloween to Reformation Day

Tonight, do not give candy out of trick-or-treat coercion or obligation, but as a free gift.

When you see people in masks, contemplate the masks of God; that is, the doctrine of vocation.

When you see our culture’s strange celebrations of death–all the gore, corpses, and graveyards–let it remind you of our Lord’s gruesome death on the Cross, His burial place, and His glorious resurrection.

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  • Bryan Lindemood

    A blessed Reformation Day to you!

  • Joe

    And maybe you could buy a bunch of small catechisms to hand out with the candy. I think CPH has a version of a buck or two. (I wish I have thought of this sooner – we had trick or treat last Sunday).

  • rey

    What Reformation Day really is is this: The Reformed doctrine is a reformation of Satan’s character. The Reformed doctrine asserts that Satan is under the direct micromanagerial control of Christ, that “the Devil is God’s Devil and only does what God wants.” Thus, by asserting that the devil does as God makes him, and that alone, the devil is Reformed into being an obedient puppet of God. In the process, however, God is Reformed into being as bad as the Devil. Thus, the Reformed (i.e. Calvinists) chose to place their holiday on October 31st to coincide with the Devil’s holiday, which is Halloween. But Paul says that Christ has no concord with Belial (i.e. the Devil) in 2nd Corinthians 6:15. The Reformed position is a denial of this very important distinction between Christ and Belial and was invented by Belial specifically to convince men that he is nothing more than Christ’s sock-puppet and thus Belial causes men to blaspheme Christ and go to hell.

  • rey, first of all, Reformation Day celebrates a historical day, when Luther nailed the 95 Theses onto that church door. Do you think he was right in that, or not?

    We Lutherans are NOT Calvinists, and we reject the double predestination that, I think, you are referring to.

  • Anon

    Goodness! Where did -that- come from! October 31st is previously all saints eve. Hence All Hallow’s Eve in English, as November 1 is All Saints Day.

    Calvinism has fundamental flaws in its systematic, but tieing that into October 31 is bizzaro.