Iran pushes death penalty for converts

The legislature of Iran is considering a bill that would the death penalty on Muslims who convert to Christianity or other religions. From EU Pressures Iran to Drop Apostasy Bill:

The draft apostasy bill being debated in Iran was initially approved at a first stage vote by the Iranian parliament on Tuesday, September 9, with 196 votes for, seven against, and two abstentions. The bill, named the Islamic Penal Code, is currently due to be sent back to the Legislative Commission for amendments before being brought before the Iranian parliament for a further vote.

For more details go here.


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  • Susan aka organshoes

    Sorry. I know political talk is being discouraged here, but I sincerely hope that a Pres. Obama, in his future talks with whomever he regards as the head of Iran, will use the opportunity to make his objections plain. And he may do so in my name.
    There’s a time to resist meddling, and a time to meddle; a time to refrain from speaking and a time to shout it from the rooftops.
    There is the added cover of defending all religious belief, and not just Christianity. (For those for whom that is distasteful, politically embarrassing, or otherwise hazardous.)
    And good for the EU. (There’s an additional cover: Europe’s speaking up, so…)

  • FW

    ok. so homosexuals have faced the death penalty for some time here. you can be killed there for meeting for coffee if you are gay.

    but oddly, the government will actually pay for sex changes for transgenders. this was pushed for by none other than the ayatollah khomenei. strange but true.