Happy Sunday of the Fulfillment yesterday

On Sunday, the last Sunday of the church year, we had a sermon about the text on the Son of Man coming back and separating the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25: 31-36). Pastor added some new dimensions to that account. He pointed out that WE too are the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the sick, the naked, the imprisoned. Furthermore, Jesus Christ was hungry, thirsty, a stranger, sick (“sick unto death with the sin of the world’), and imprisoned. Read the whole thing.

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  • Advent begins on Sunday (or, if you like, 6pm on Sat.). Today is the Monday after the Last Sunday after Trinity (or Pentecost, if you prefer).

  • Ryan

    The 1st day of Advent is the Sunday (or as astutely pointed out by Rev. Trouten: sundown on the Saturday preceding, thus things like Halloween, Christmas Eve, Easter Vigil) that falls closest to St. Andrew’s Day, Nov. 30th.

    Despite what some modern secular calendars say, Sunday is the FIRST day of the week and thus monday through saturday usually reflect the theme of the first day of the week. Exceptions include the Christmas Season for example.

    I know this may be to some liturgical falderal, but I like ordering my times by the church year rather than the secular Calendar – you know mother’s day, father’s day, the feast of the bowl (Superbowl Sunday) etc…

  • OK. Strike the title of this blog post. And the first two sentences.

  • I’ll revise it for posterity.