Special Thanksgiving edition

Have a grateful Thanksgiving! Usually, this blog takes major holidays off, but I am feeling unusually thankful this year and I have to express it. Our whole family is here. This is the FIRST time the clan with all of its members is all in one place, since it now includes a new member, the granddaughter who is only three months old. Not to mention yet another member who is here, but not born. We will also have some other guests: my Australian son-in-law’s mother visiting from down under, and my other daughter’s good friend who has just moved to the area. So I offer a special Thanksgiving edition of this blog.

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  • Peter Leavitt

    Happy and Grateful Thanksgiving to you and yours Dr. Veith. I am grateful to live in a country with a long tradition of giving thanks and being grateful to God for our manifold blessings. For me Thanksgiving is special in that I live in Massachusetts where my paternal Christian forebears first settled in 1635. Out family today will pray devoutly for past and hopefully continued blessings and then settle down to a fine meal. One of my blessings this year is taking part on this excellent Christian blog.

  • Don S

    I am thankful for God’s faithful provision to our family, particularly during this time of economic turmoil. I am also thankful that we have our whole family home with us, including our oldest son and daughter, home from college (our daughter from PHC). God is good. As Peter shared above, it is a blessing to participate in this fine blog, and I am thankful for Dr. Veith and for the others who share their thoughts here as well. God bless you all on this great day.