The comedian crisis

Andrew Ian Dodge raises an issue that I have been concerned about. Now that Barack Obama, whom even comedians venerate, has been elected president,what will happen to political comedy?

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  • EconJeff

    Oh, I think they’ll find something. There are other Republican/conservative politicians. There were plenty of jokes about Clinton on late-night TV.

  • richard

    Yes, but it will be very careful comedy. The spectre of being labelled as a “racist” will loom large.

  • Kirk

    There’s always Congress and there’s always Fox News.

  • eric

    SNL will be in trouble. How many laser cats sketches can they do in one night?

    This is a good opertunity for African American comedians. They may be able to keep all three balls – ridicule, race and funny – in the air at the same time. When they fail, the blow back will not be as severe.

  • OOps … sorry ’bout that.

  • kerner


    Maybe Gary Trudeau doesn’t think Obama is funny, but plenty of people will find his absurd side, never fear.

  • Anon

    They can still mock Christians – Maher’s stock in trade.

  • Bruce

    Just keep an eye on the Onion.

  • I second Bruce’s comment (@9). They’ve definitely had the funniest post-election stuff I’ve seen. I can’t link to all of it, but Google for:
    “Hillary Clinton Resumes Attacking Obama”
    “Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job”
    “Nation Finally S***** Enough To Make Social Progress”
    “Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are”

    The last one is a video that I believe the most ardent Republican would find funny. Come on, it even mocks Portland!

    As for the Daily Show, I watched their live election-night coverage, and it was pretty weak, but I think mainly because they were writing jokes on the fly. Not their strong suit.

    I do think Jon Stewart has done a good job of mocking Democrats in the past, and will do so now, though I usually only see that show via occasional Web clips, so I don’t know how it’s been doing lately.

  • The Jones

    In other news, the country’s most stable job and retailing sector, the “Bush Hate Merchandise” industry, is looking towards a catastrophic collapse. For the past 8 years, this industry has provided consistent job growth in an otherwise unstable economy.

    Industry analysts are predicting that the “Change” and “Yes We Can” retail industries may make up some of the ground lost by “Bush Hate Merchandise,” but there is little evidence that the same strength and enthusiasm of “Bush Hate Merchandise” will translate. Additionally, “Change” and “Yes We Can” retail corporations are undergoing high-level talks about possibly being bought out by the “Changed” and “Yes We Did” companies. This would put the industry in an uproar, and the uncertainty is already being shown on Wall Street.

    In other news, the Dow Jones Industrial plummeted upon news of the Dow Jones’ plummet.