2008 Predictions, revisited

Last year around this time, I asked you for your predictions for 2008, promising that we would check them once the year was over, seeing who was right and who was wrong. Read them all at Predictions.

The winners, who predicted the most at-the-time unlikely event that nevertheless turned true: A tie between FW, who said that “the mortgage meltdown is going to be on a massive scale that will dwarf the savings and loan scandal that that other republican administration had the taxpayers pay for”; and Larry, who said that Barack Obama would win both the Democratic nomination and the presidential election.

The losers, also a tie: also Larry, who predicted that Rudy Guiliani would be the Republican nominee; also FW, who said that Christ would return in glory; and Cindy for predicting that “the Packers will defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and Brett Favre will retire as the reigning Super Bowl MVP.”

(Tomorrow we’ll take predictions for 2009.)

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  • http://www.brandywinebooks.net Lars Walker

    I predict increasing attacks on churches and faith-based organizations that refuse to “include” homosexuals. The slogan, seen more and more frequently, will be, “There Is No Right to Hate!”

  • EGK

    Actually, we will not know if Christ will return in glory or not this year for another 13 hours (at least, here in the mountain time zone!

  • http://www.brandywinebooks.net Lars Walker

    Oops. I jumped the gun. I resolve to jump the gun frequently in 2009.

  • Larry

    Wow! I was both a winner and a loser. Well, it’s better to be either hot or cold than lukewarm, eh? But both hot and cold at the same time? Ay caramba!

    What if I had worded it this way — the Republicans would nominate another neoconservative, would lose, and would blame the conservative and libertarian Republicans for their loss. Was that really so far off?

  • http://www.geneveith.com Veith

    No, Larry, you were really close. I give you great credit. Your predicting in December, 2007, that Barack Obama would win the presidency is very impressive. Almost no one saw that coming back then. So I salute you as a prognosticator!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17639370291865261582 Cindy Ramos

    Oh, great! I’m the only loser who isn’t also a winner. I’ll keep trying: I predict that FW will make so many predictions that one of them is sure to be right. :-)