An abortionist goes to jail

From Abortionist faces nine years in prison (

California abortionist Bertha Bugarin is going to prison.
For at least five years, Operation Rescue has been working to shut down 11 abortion clinics owned by 48-year-old Bertha Bugarin in Los Angeles and San Diego. According to an Operation Rescue press release, Bugarin preyed on the Hispanic community and endangered women’s lives by posing as a doctor.
She was finally indicted and has pled guilty to nine felony counts of performing abortions without a medical license. Troy Newman who heads Operation Rescue, says eight of her staff abortionists have been impounded as well.
“Every single one of these abortionists has lost their [sic] medical licenses. A couple of them are in jail,” he contends. “And the abortion clinic owner, because she was forced to go out and try to find another abortionist and couldn’t find one, she was actually doing abortions herself even though she didn’t have a medical license.”

Bugarin faces up to nine years in prison for her convictions.

And yet, I find it twisted that a medical license has become a license to kill. The calling of a physician, which the state confirms by bestowing that license, is to heal their patients, not kill them. Abortion, among its evils, is a sin against vocation.

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  • Lars Walker

    Well, I’m sure glad the days of unsafe, back alley abortions are over. (Sarcasm off.)

  • FullTime

    The Hippocratic Oath has been changed through the years “to reflect social norms” I guess. Originally it included swearing not to perform abortions.

  • FW

    #2 fulltime.

    because infanticide was really common along with abortion at the time of hppocrities, i would be surprised if the original oath included something specific about not performing abortions.

    can you show us this? that would be powerful…

  • FW