Our two-year-old grandson is here. We Tivo’d some episodes of his favorite show, “Thomas and His Friends.” Thomas is a train engine, and his friends are other kinds of heavy machinery and the people who tend them. The “Thomas” franchise started as a series of books by an English pastor, Reverend W. Awdry, and, subsequently became a TV show, line of toys, and all kinds of other merchandise. They are all wholesome and charming.

The British-narrated TV shows have been dubbed into an American accent–which is not necessary and should not be done!–and the voices for some strange reason are those of Alec Baldwin and George Carlin. At any rate, the children’s network Sprout shows the things all the time. The day before yesterday, the episode was entitled something like “Thomas’s Christmas Journey.” But even though the title said “Christmas,” the Carlin voice-over substituted throughout the script “Thanksgiving”! So we had Thomas chugging through the snow in “November” trying to bring the Thanksgiving packages to all the boys and girls.

Changing “Christmas” to “Thanksgiving” didn’t even make sense! And the title lettering still said “Christmas”! But such is today’s Christmas-phobia. (I was told that another American-translated Christmas episode the next day DID say “Christmas.”)

But, hey, what should we expect? Everything about Christmas DOES proclaim Christ. Santa Claus was an author of the Nicene Creed. Giving gifts symbolize the Gospel. The Christmas tree symbolizes the Tree of Life. So those who don’t believe in Christ should indeed feel uncomfortable about celebrating or even mentioning Christmas. I don’t understand why non-Christians would so much as observe the day.

And yet they do, giving and receiving gifts and glorifying God despite themselves.

"Curious what your arguments are against Rev. 12 not "neatly lining up with the Church.""

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  • The Jones

    Nobody’s going to miss out on getting presents.

  • Booklover

    I was touring area public elementary schools, playing for the high school choir, when I saw perhaps the stupidest sign I have ever seen plastered all over the walls of one particular elementary school. It said:

    ” ‘Manner of the Week’–Do NOT use inappropriate language such as God, Jesus, and Suck.”

    Although I think I know what they meant; i.e., don’t take the Lord’s name in vain, it was the stupidest sign I’d ever seen. I could just see a little literal first grader thinking, “Oh no, I can’t say Jesus’ name this Christmas!” :-( And why would they put those three words in the same category??