Cool Christmas presents

So what did you get for Christmas? In addition to many thoughtful and useful gifts I received, I got one of the coolest presents since that Daisy BB gun I got as a kid on a Christmas eerily reminiscent of “The Christmas Story.” My wife gave me a MACHETE! Coming with a sheath so that I could wear it all day, the machete satisfies my interest in swords. And I hacked through the jungle-like tangled underbrush of our dead garden in about five minutes!

Did any of you get any unusual or cool or unique-to-your-quirks Christmas presents?

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  • My family is gathering on Saturday, so I don’t have any presents yet. But I must congratulate you on the machete. Every man should have a serious blade. Think of it as a variation on the old Germanic “seax” (or “saex”), a very similar tool/weapon, and the emblem of a free man.

  • Booklover

    Your wife sounds like a good woman. And a smart one.

  • Peter Leavitt

    My wife, knowing my utter frustration with a Dell computer and Windows XP, came up with an IMac, for which I now regard her as a saint. My brother came up with Carlo D’Este’s recent biography of Churchill. Life is good.

  • Manxman

    My daughter Abby got me a 2 CD set of Bob Dylan music – Tell Tale Signs – Vol. 8 in the Bootleg Series. There’s some really good stuff here, most rare & unreleased. My wife even likes it, and she’s not really a Dylan fan.

  • My Mom-in-law got me a foot massage gizmo that looks like two penguin slippers stitched together. That’s quirky, isn’t it?

  • Tom

    Completely cool!

  • Katy

    Wow, machete. Pretty sweet.
    I probably can’t get one until I go through college. *eyes parents, young siblings, and then college staff*
    Eight years.
    Anyway, I got skullcandy headphones along with lots of black clothes, and permission for ear piercings.
    My grandparents gave me these black boots which are a little hard to descibe, so I’ll post a picture later. 🙂

  • Katy

    Okay, nevermind, no picture. 😛
    They are lace-up combat style boots, with a 2-inch heel. Love them.

  • Bruce Gee

    My wife received Treasury of Daily Prayer from CPH, from me.

    That D’Este book looks really good, Peter!

  • Manxman, you reveal a new dimension of yourself! A Dylan fan! Me too. And, Katy, you reveal a new dimension of yourself too!

  • You will note that I posted a picture of my Christmas machete.

  • Kelly

    I got a bag of coins from 50 different countries, a plain bandage tin, and two rare Monkees compilations. And from that you can learn much about me.

  • Cool (in a different way than the machete) – I got a copy of The Lutheran Hymnal, the hymnal I grew up with.

    Sort of unusual – my parents got me a car battery charger, because someone is always leaving an interior light on, and it’s embarrassing to have to get a jump-start from the same roadside assistance guy every few months. If I never post here again, assume that I hooked up the cables wrong.

  • FW

    I got a Treasury of Prayer from a great friend. wow. You ALL need to run, not walk, to your computer and order a copy from CPH.

    It is an intimidating book. very large. but once you get past that, it is really very cool. you need only ONE book to do everything to maintain a rhythm of 1x, 2x or 3x daily prayers.

    you can expand or contract time you spend in prayer (somehow that sounds way to utilitarian to be right….)

    and what I am really saying is that once you have that book in your hands, your excuses not to spend some quality time with your Lord start melting away without alot of noticable effort….

    I would be curious to know how many pastors here maintain a structured prayer and home devotional life. and what kind of pointers and pitfalls they could share…

  • NavyMom

    We gave our college senior daughter her very first car! No, it’s not new but it is unique — a 1989 gold Volvo sedan, complete with a sun roof! She was ecstatic! The car has been beautifully maintained all these years.

  • Marci

    I like Orrefors crystal and every once in a while my husband buys some for me. This year he found an Orrefors crystal bowl made 25 years ago. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary next April so that made it special. The other thing that was special was – he bought it from a man who used to live in Sweden and designed Volvo cars. This man knows the man who designed this bowl and bought it in Sweden 25 years ago!!

  • FW, I’ll be writing about the Treasury after the turning of the new year.

  • I got a copy of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Requiem,” one of my favorite modern classical pieces. I’ve told my wife that I want the “Hosanna” from that Mass sung at my funeral 🙂

    I also got books of Christina Rossetti’s and John Donne’s poems. Hurray!

  • Jay

    Season 1 of “Fraggle Rock” on DVD. If not for the machete, I win. 🙂