Our unborn granddaughter at 26 weeks

I can already see that she looks like her mother! These new “4D” ultrasounds may turn the tide in the abortion debates.

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  • Joe

    I love these 4D images.

  • FullTime

    How precious!

    How many children do you have, Dr. Veith? It sure does seem like these new grandbabies are piling on with alarming (and heartwarming) speed. Congratulations to you and your family.

  • Kelly

    If people are unwilling to consider clear photos or other ultrasound imagery, will they be impressed by 4D ultrasound, or continue to ignore it? Does 4D ultrasound provide additional information that was not previously known about the unborn?

    I’m looking forward to a (regular) ultrasound of my own sometime this month. :o)

  • Booklover

    INCREDIBLE!!!!! It looks like baby can just be picked up and hugged! 26 weeks!

    I hate to be a pessimist, but I’m doubting 4D ultrasounds will change the abortion debate. So much depends on a person’s heart and worldview.

    Now I’m leaving to nurse my green monster–I’m nigh unto 50 with 4 children but no grandbabies yet to love. 🙂

  • Peter Leavitt

    Dr. Veith, is this the baby of your lovely daughter Joanna who used to very competently herd the blogging cats over at WorldMag?

  • kerner

    This is one issue in which the Church can say that secular science supports our position. The more science advances, the more obvious it becomes that the unborn are distinct, although dependent, human beings. And human beings have human rights. Everything we learn in the fields of biology, genetics, and obstetrical medicine supports the pro-life position. How long can politics triumph over demonstrable scientific truth? For a long time, maybe, but not forever. Thanks for one more piece of evidence.

  • Geremy

    I can’t wait to maybe get a 4D ultrasound. Our first will be 26 weeks this week. The conversation has come up many times during my wife’s pregnancy about, “how can someone say this isn’t a person?” We already see personality just based on the contact we can have–rubbing her belly, patting–and the reactions we get from the child based on those instances.
    Oh, another great example–this child wiggles and moves the most during Holy Communion. Every time. How does that happen? Surely the Holy Spirit already works in this child’s life? This has been going on for 2 months already. This, to me, opens up more arguments for infant baptism. But it’s so exciting to listen to my wife explain every Sunday about how Communion is an exciting time for our child!
    Oh, and pastor already give it a blessing, too. 🙂

  • Yes, Peter, this is Joanna’s. And yes, FullTime, the grandchildren are coming with alacrity. We have three children–a son (who is not married) and two daughters (both of whom are and both of whom are now mothers). It’s a great time of life for us. Hang in there, Booklover, your time will come. You are still a young sprout, not even 50! We are in our 50’s, but it’s worthwhile being old if you get to have grandchildren.

  • And Geremy–your baby getting excited at Holy Communion! That’s a great story. You must have a little John the Baptist there.

  • Peter Leavitt

    Dr. Veith, Thanks, I’m delighted to know that Joanna is doing well. Her story of finding a great Lutheran pastor Down Under for a husband is an interesting one. You are a fortunate father.

    The thought of being fifty is very pleasing, though I’m seventy-two and mostly retired. I actually find life in the seventies to be a fine place. One reason is that I’m able to be a for once satisfied book lover.

    Have a blessed Christmas.

  • This is an amazing picture! WOW! You are so blessed to have many children and grandchildren! I hope that we will see some more children in our family. My parents are well into their fifties and my husband’s mother is in her 70s. Fortunately for her, his sister has two cuties.

    Sadly, I don’t think that this sort of technology will change the abortion debate. Pro-Choicers do not think that a fetus isn’t a baby, but rather that it is a just killing if the life of the child will be one of unwantedness and neglect or abuse. The act of going through childbirth is difficult and traumatic, so adoption is not on the radar. It is a different debate now than it was years ago.

  • Lovely picture. Lovely parents too! 🙂 Will have to tell them so! 🙂 Will be fun to have so many babies in church next summer! 🙂

  • RhetoricProf

    She does look like Joanna! Amazing technology. I bet little brother is excited! Blessings to all!