She predicts the Sooners’ final ranking

"Does your ban then include semi-automatic rifles and pistols?"

The Ignorance Plague
"This is the first thing I came across on Google. I do have a day ..."

The Ignorance Plague
"It's not ad hominem to point out the unreliability of a source. Lott is notorious ..."

The Ignorance Plague
"Ah, the ad hominem refutation -- always effective."

The Ignorance Plague

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  • Mary


  • Booklover

    I don’t know the Sooners from the Laters, but how precious!! You must already be in love.

  • richard

    Very funny. I guess she isn’t a USC fan, then.

  • kerner

    USC fan? Certainly not. Had there been trojans around 26 weeks ago, she might not even be here. 😉

    I’m sorry…I’M SORRY…I’m just a slave to temptation…

  • richard

    All right, Kerner, very funny. I deliberately didn’t refer to thier name because I knew someone would take it this way (because I certainly did). You didn’t disappoint.