Abortion & the Early Church

One of the best books I’ve ever read about abortion is Abortion and the Early Church by Michael J. Gorman. It turns out that, far from being a modern medical procedure, abortion was rampant in the ancient world. Especially in Rome. And Christians, as well as Jews, consistently opposed it, standing up for life from the very earliest days of the church. The book was out of print for awhile, so I’m delighted to see it is available again. You can buy it right here:

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  • Abortion is condemned as early as the turn of the first century AD in the Didache.

  • Efrem

    If you can’t afford the book try using worldcat (worldcat.org) to see which library nearest you has a copy of this book. You can arrange an interlibrary loan if the book is in a library that is far away.

  • Peter Leavitt

    Christianity had a lot to do with ending slavery, abortion, and assorted other pagan evils; just now we are living in a predominantly pagan period that extols vice as virtue.

    Toynbee and others have concluded that Western civilization, unable to nourish its fundamentally moral roots, is in a classic period of decadence and decline.

    The only thing a Christian can do is to try to speak truthfully and charitably about this parlous reality and to pray for a resurgence of good sense and religion; one might, also, hope and pray for a resurgence of serious Christian religion.

    Recently, I have been reading a lot of Edmund Burke, who, like our own Jonathan Edwards, was prophetic in his understanding pf the evils of modern thought. He successfully fought the French Revolution, though the ideology of this revolution remains a major force in the West.

    Meanwhile, our country has elected a president who thwarted an attempt in Illinois to pass a law that protected infants born alive in late term abortions that went wrong.